How to Promote your Business with Video

YouTube is a fascinating video channel. Thousands of people visit it everyday. When it first came on the scene it was mainly thought of as a place to watch music videos and some fun items or movie trailers. But YouTube is so much more than that. It has now become a place where business owners and entrepreneurs can showcase their skills and business to the public in an affordable way. All you need is some time, a video camera, (even a webcam will do) and some great information to give to audience members.. Gone are the days of power point being the cool way to present ideas to a boardroom. Video is now used for podcasts and presentations Instead, we now have real-time images that connect us in a very personal way to get our ideas across. Video captures the passion of the speaker—and it’s that passion that is going to help you get those customers

Well let’s first start by making sure you have a good quality video:

Make sure that the video you produce is as professional and as high quality as possible. The last thing you want is some shaky, fuzzy video that you can barely hear the audio on. So take extra time to learn how your video camera or webcam works, and do some trial runs. If it’s just you sitting behind a desk, make sure that the camera is angled properly (not pointing up your nose) and lean back in your chair in a comfortable manner. You don’t want to be seen hunched over and crouching trying to get the right angle for the camera. Set it up to make sure that the background behind you isn’t distracting and showing off your messy angles. Remember, this is supposed to be professional, as well as entertaining as well as informative.

So what are some tips on how to promote your business using video?

You have to figure out if you want video to help grow your business or simply promote it. Those are two different things, and you need to make sure you understand the difference. If you want to grow your business, then you're going to focus on testimonial videos, info-videos, case studies, and success stories. If you want to promote your business then you would focus on commercials and product videos highlighting what you sell and providing corporate overviews.

If you are going to have testimonial videos, then those typically get posted on your website on their own page, and you need to have a variety of clients and businesses that are extolling your virtues as a company. You want to make sure that they speak about the problems they had, and how you and your product/service helped solve them. Otherwise, they aren’t going to be very useful. Make sure that they are uploaded on your own YouTube channel as well as on your website, so that when they click through they can see all the other videos on topics that you discuss as part of your business. Tweet or facebook your testimonial videos from time to time, but don’t do a hard sell on them—they are a form of advertising.

Success stories are stories from raving fans where you ask questions off camera and they give you a breakdown of what your company did for them. They follow the, “I have a problem, here was your solution and 'Hey!' Look at all the benefits I got from using you.” These should also be part of your marketing—they do really well in emails to your database. If you can make a point of having one of these videos in every mass email you send out then it’s a sure-fire way to get people to consider your business.

Your best outlet for promoting videos about your business is, of course, online, but don’t limit yourself to YouTube. Also make sure that you connect with other businesses and companies, and media on places like Vimeo, and Facebook (although I think you’ll find that YouTube is most likely the easiest place to upload to). It also keeps your messages short. By not allowing you to go over five minutes, you are forced to be tight and succinct about your promotion.

Before you start promoting your business with video, it’s always a good idea to do a survey or poll your current clients and ask them what they would like to see in terms of video content. This research will help you reach potential customers and add to your referral base as well.

Whatever types of videos you chose, make sure that you plan them out properly, be as professional as possible, and get creative!!

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