Why DO You Need a 90 Day Plan?

The answer is really quite simple. Because without it you are directionless and running your business by the seat of your pants and being reactionary to outside inputs, rather than having control of your business.

Planning is critical to success, think of a pilot taking off without a flightplan. Think of that same pilot who has strayed off course not making a new flight plan or adjustments to reach his destination. Hmmmm. Sounds like a bad B rated movie. Planning to be in Paris and although you spent the money (invested) and the travel time (energy) you end up on a dirt strip in North Korea. And guess what…they don’t like you. Worms for supper…sucks eh.

Well that’s what happens in a business. For a business to have growth and be successful it needs to have a few things:

  1. Purpose (Destination) What are the reasons you went into business? What did you want to achieve? Financial independence, time so you can be with your family, travel etc., creation of a larger business, money for investment, fun thinks etc..
  2. You then need to break down this destination into smaller chunks. Each year you need to develop a financial plan and a strategic plan that keeps you on the path towards your long-term destination.
  3. Then you need to break this down again into smaller more manageable chunks with a quarterly plan. This is also the time to determine if you are on or off course with the goals you have set in the previous two steps.
In the 90 day planning you have to re-evaluate if your destination is still the same, review the actions you took in the last 90 days and make any necessary adjustments.

Dedicate a full day away and out of your business each quarter to work ON Your business and create your 90 Day Plan. Large corporations will usually bring managers together and take a day or more each quarter to review the past 90 days and then make the plan for the next 90 days. (Wonder what they did to grow and become corporations). Getting out of the business will get you away from the day to day noise of the business and allow you to focus on growing the business not just working IN the business.

Have someone assist you. An outsiders perspective is invaluable and will keep things realistic and in perspective.

I will guarantee you one thing, after you do your 90 Day Plan and get back to your business over the following 90 days you will start to drift a bit off course, then it will be time again to do a course correction.

Start today to take control of your future, rather than your future being a matter of un-wanted destiny you have no control over.

ActionCOACH Peter Lepinski



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