Developing Telemarketing Success – The Importance of Partnering

Oftentimes, the telemarketer is left alone to deliver results without the benefit of a clear direction and appreciation of the B2B client’s products and services. The failure and drop out rate increase and the frustration levels go higher as he makes more calls. Once again, the issue of sales efficiency and sales effectiveness is decided – should it be going for more number of calls or should it rather be what the telemarketer does during the call that will deliver the results?

Partnering is a strategy that can be adopted that significantly improves the sales effectiveness of a telemarketing campaign.

Partnering defined

Let me define Partnering from the standpoint of telemarketing without necessarily being legalistic about the term. Partnering is a collaborative effort between two or more parties to agree together for mutual benefit.

Rationale for adopting a partnering strategy

Prospects would like to pursue long-term collaboration with products or services offered by the telemarketer that is a key element in prospect’s ability to create value for their customers. It gives the prospect an edge over competition and establishes himself as an authority, opinion-maker or even a leader in their field.

We have said that when there is minimal differentiation in product or service offering, the prospect may not appreciate the need for a collaborative effort. Can the B2B client expound more on its product or service and create a niche in its marketing strategy in order to boost differentiation? Why not?

B2B services provide that critical first step for its client to conduct a face-to-face meeting and the communication message delivered by the telemarketer during the initial call must convey the product or service value proposition upfront.

Steps to developing a partnership effort

1. It all starts with the B2B client. The client defines his product or services and establishes the level of relationship he would want to have with the prospect on the basis of value creation.

2. The client works with the B2B service provider on developing the marketing and promotions strategies that would establish long-term relationships with prospects. Both parties then work out the communication message.

3. The appointment setter delivers the communication message, takes note of all relevant information and consequently provides feedback to the B2B client going into the face-to-face meeting.

4. The client meets with the prospect and follows through on the partnership building efforts.

Creating opportunities for partnership with customers increases the level of effectiveness of the telemarketer. Of course, all these things mean higher productivity and better results. Nothing comes close to achieving great results than a well-thought out partnering strategy and an excellent communication message that convey value to the client’s customers. Partnering leverages and promotes resource sharing and translates to repeat business.


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