Future Trends in the Video Streaming Industry

We are living in the golden age of television, where single episodes can cost more than the average movie. It's currently big business and streaming services know that a quality, binge-able television show is a prerequisite for success – who died in Game of Thrones or got infected by zombies in The Walking Dead dominates our everyday conversation. However, in order to keep up with the latest trends it would cost an average of 69 dollars per month!

Yep, you heard it right. To get access to the most popular shows currently airing, you would need a subscription to: HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Showtime, Starz, CBS All Access and Seeso. Of course, you wouldn't need to pay for them all simultaneously, but it's a scary thought to think about how much the simple act of failing to press "unsubscribe" after finishing a series could affect your finances throughout the year.

But, it looks like the business is changing...

We Will Revert Back to the Cable System

Streaming services were created for two reasons: convenience and savings. It was originally an alternative to expensive cable options, which costed 4-5 times the price. And at the beginning they worked great. All one needed was a Netflix account and all of the best content was available with the click of a button. But then the market got saturated. Now, it seems to be inconvenient and costly!

However, there are ways to prevent this problem that don't involve rotating your direct debits in line with the latest trends... You could just revert back to the old system and buy a package cable deal.

It's worth taking note that a shift back to the older way or doing things, or at least a hybrid of the two, is inevitable. As stated above, the world is based around convenience and the current system is moving away from that. Who knows, perhaps we'll start seeing new partnerships between streaming services in the near future?

Video Traffic is Set to Expand

By the end of the year roughly 74 percent of all bandwidth will come from video traffic. Users often watch videos on Facebook and Snapchat, while streaming videos on their televisions or computers. In conjunction with the “over the top” business model – when streaming services bypasss the middleman by distributing their own material – popularity of on-demand video sites will expand.

New Technology Will Creep Into the Fold

We are at the start of what could become a new broadcasting revolution. Virtual reality headsets are now widely available and affordable, and content producers are starting to harness the power of 360 degree video. While the gaming industry is set to become the first to make the new tech standardized, the film and television business will soon follow when people start to adjust.

It's an exciting time for television. While we're already firmly in the digital age, we're entering the start of a new chapter; one that will see more human integration. How it will affect storytelling and video streaming is still anyone's guess, but even just imagining the possibilities is thrilling.

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