10 Rare Diamonds You Should Look Out for as a Treasure Hunter

Diamonds are one of the most valued substances on earth. It’s the most known natural element because of its compact crystalline structure.

Treasure hunting takes skill. You have to be fully alert to be able to spot rare gems. It’s a job that requires a sharp mind, and it can also be an adventurous recreation.

It's important that you know the tricks of the trade before going into such an adventure. Knowing exactly what type of diamond to look out for is definitely going to be of help. Here are some rare diamonds you should look out for that will make your trip worth it

The LA Diamond

This type of diamond emits a yellow tone. This is its distinct spotting characteristic in the sense that the emission is very intense. Thus, it is easy to spot.

The LA can also be split into sub-diamond such as LaA and LaB. The LaA diamond in particular is known for inability to absorb visible light, meaning that it can reflect visible light. It can also absorb infrared and ultraviolet light. It is also known for its fluorescence.

The Heart of Eternity Diamond

Right now, this diamond is one of the rarest and most expensive in the world. The shape is like a heart. It’s a 27.64 carat diamond which has a fancy blue color. Some people found it several years back. The diamond is usually cut and used in bracelets and earrings. You stand to make a fortune if you find this diamond.

The Lla Diamond

The Lla diamond is the rarest and most wanted valuable. Being just 1 percent of the whole diamond clan, you need to keep a wide eye to get one of these babies. With its differing fluorescence and no nitrogen impurities, this diamond is worth the hunt.

It tends to have an irregular shape so it is important you take note of that too. Because they don’t absorb light, light is easily able to pass through. It thus leaves a stunning glow and appearance.

The Sancy Diamond

This diamond weighs about 1.04 grams. It's pale yellow in color. It is so rare that the ones that have been found centuries ago are kept in secured places around the world. The diamond is very unusual because it has no pavilion. It has just a pair of crowns.

The Lb Diamond

This diamond contains single nitrogen atoms scattered throughout the crystal lattice. It is not as common as the La diamond. It represents less than 1 percent of natural diamonds, making it equally a rare gem. A lot of visible light on the blue end of the spectrum is absorbed. This gives it an intense color which are typically yellow, orange or brown. In some cases, yellowish green diamonds can be of this kind.

The Koh-I-Noor Diamond

If you’ve wanted to know which diamond is the largest in the world, this is it. This diamond has caused fights among rulers over the centuries.

If you’re looking for this diamond, India might be the first place to look. The first variant of it was found in India. The stone measures 36.00 x31.90x13.04. Ensure you carry a measuring tape with you. Who knows? That diamond you find might be the Koh-I-Noor.

The Llb Diamond

This diamond also contains no impurities or nitrogen but it has a distinct characteristic of their own. It contains Boron. Boron in the Llb diamond makes it unique compared to other diamonds. For instance, boron makes the diamond electrically conductive. The llb diamond is also extremely rare, being only 0.1 percent of the diamond clan making this type highly valuable.

The Moussaieff Diamond

If you ever come across a diamond that is reddish in nature, chances are it’s the Moussaieff diamond. This diamond is called “Fancy Red” by the Gemological Institute of America. It is also very small, but extremely beautiful.

The Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan diamond was the largest in the world until the Golden Jubilee diamond was found. When it was found, nobody was quite sure of the exact weight. But after it was polished and cut, it weighed 106.0 grams. It is a precious gem with many intricate designs within it. You should definitely look out for this diamond.

The Steinmetz Pink

If you find this diamond, then you’re a very lucky person. As the name implies, the diamond is pink. It’s the only diamond that has given every other pinkish diamond a run for their money. Your diamond teacher will educate you on how valuable and precious the Steinmetz pink diamond is.

Treasure hunting can be tough. It takes a lot of stamina, self-encouragement, and a clever eye. Diamonds are beautiful rare gems loved by many and treated with high nobility.


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