7 Warning Signs You Need a Mold Inspection Testing

Although, some people believe most mold types aren’t dangerous and doesn’t pose serious health risk, it’s equally important to maintain a mold free abode. This is because mold could trigger allergies in people and cause the destruction of their host agent (pipes, wood etc.) among other things.

Having an idea of how a mold looks like doesn’t mean you don’t need professional assistance. The truth remains that mold isn’t always easy to detect, thus, even if you know the appearance of mold, you might not be able to detect the very type of mold present. This calls for the services of a professional mold inspector. The following warning signs indicate the need for a mold testing service:

  1. 1. You are buying or moving to a new apartment
Buying or moving into a new property is a big step you cannot afford to mess up. Careful steps must be taken to get everything right. Thus, before moving into your house, it’s a good idea to have a mold inspection. For the sake of your health and your household, having a mold inspection is important, especially if the property has been vacated for a while. In the bid to sell their house fast, many people skip the process of mold inspection. So, the onus is on you to carry out the inspection before moving in.

  1. 2. You have worst allergies when inside
One of the side effects of mold is that it triggers allergies. Thus a person with asthma might find it difficult to breathe where there is mold infestation. Besides, mold itself is an allergen which is very common indoor. Thus, allergies as well as asthma could be indications that there are invisible molds around.

  1. 3. A musty odor intense when there is no ventilation
Take note if the odor from the mold becomes concentrated when the doors and windows are locked. Molds generally give out a strong smell even before being visible. In other words, there are thousands of mold spores that aren’t even visible to a microscope in a mold visible.

According to William White, an expert on mold remediation in Houston, “it is important people don’t wait till they can see the mold present before calling for a mold inspection.” I agree with this because being proactive won’t only help your overall health but also spare you of repair work worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  1. 4. Presence of a prolonged water leak
One of the contributing factors for a mold to thrive is the presence of moisture. Thus, having a water leak left unchecked for a couple of days could result in mold infestation. It’s therefore critical to get any water leak repaired as soon as possible. It doesn’t stop at that; all areas should be dried out.

The services of professional mold is needed to assess the rate of the moisture damage and suggest possible drying actions.

  1. 5. You have sick pets
Some animals are also allergic to mold infestations and could help you take note of the quality of the air in your home and property. Like humans, they could also react adversely to mold, some much worse than humans. Thus, you shouldn’t rule out the possibility of a mold infestation if you have sick pets.

  1. 6. Water from rain or sprinklers puddles up against your wall
Having water in your environment could also be an invitation to mold infestation. If your environment has water, especially when your walls is laden with moisture, you are prone to mold infestation. Thus, when your walls are continually damped by rain water or spray, water has the tendency to soak in through the walls into the building. This could trigger mold infestation. It’s thus important to seek the services of a mold expert.

  1. 7. You see molds growing on your furniture
Since molds like damp corners, places like back of furniture pushed against a wall or closets are places where they could thrive. This isn’t surprising as these places offer low temperature with little or no ventilation.

Therefore, closets shouldn’t be ruled out in seeking out areas prone to mold infestation. Closets generally are near plumbing, stuffed with items like cloths making air flow restricted and dark and mostly against the wall.

One or more of the above signs is a good reason to consider employing the services of a mold inspector. Curbing the spread of mold before it causes any serious damage is recommended. Remember, danger to properties as well as illness is imminent if left untreated.


Adeyemi Adetilewa is a digital marketing strategist who writes for publications. He's the Founder and Editor of Ideasplusbusiness.com, an online community for entrepreneurs to share business ideas. His one word is #possibilities.

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