Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Improve holiday experience

Holiday costs can leave a huge dent on your finances. The accommodation, flights, feeding don't usually come cheap.

Holidays are great escapes for fun and catching up on our guilty pleasures. We get to meet new people and share a beautiful time with family and friends. This time doesn’t have to be boring and expensive.

What is even a holiday without a vacation? And, what makes an awesome holiday experience without great vacation deals?

There are lots of awesome ways to save money on every step of your holiday. From booking flights to hotels.

Here are five secret techniques sure to improve your holiday experience. These techniques will also help you manage your funds.

1. Find Transport Alternatives

One of the best vacation deals one can get is transport alternatives, aside planes, and trains. Rob Cuthbert, the CEO of Rome2rio, reveals this. The explosive increase in ground transport operators across Europe has brought juicy deals.

Savvy travelers can stretch their finances without compromising their holiday experience. Ground transportation options are devoid of the security hassles air transport embodies. You could explore the options of a train, bus or share a ride.

Are you still in doubt? The figures might convince you. Rob revealed that traveling from Paris to Amsterdam by plane or train could cost you $80-$200. Meanwhile, the very popular French service, Rideshare via BlaBlaCar, costs around $45.

There is also OUIBUS, another efficient and friendly coach service. This service managed by France’s national rail operator SNCF costs a meager $21.

This saves you about $15-$140. What can be cooler!

2. Use Coupons

What is an awesome hotel experience without coupons? This is one vacation deal you shouldn't miss; hotel coupons.

Imagine spending hundreds, or thousands of dollars in a hotel room. Only to realize you could have paid less using hotel coupon deals. That would be quite upsetting!

Before setting off on your holiday, check online for awesome hotel coupon deals. A good resource to rely on is coupon coder.

3. Sign Up To Be Loyal

It's no secret that airlines give frequent travelers free trips and seat upgrades. Many people don’t know a technique to maximize this. Having a hotel loyalty membership saves you money on every stay.

Signing up for such programs is almost free. Even better, you can join several such programs to improve your holiday experience.

When you sign up, you gather points which qualify you to enjoy certain perks. It could be complementary nights, room upgrades, welcome drinks and early check-ins.

Sean Hunt, the boss at Marriott International, Australia, elaborates on this. Programs like Marriott Rewards or Starwood Preferred Guest give you certain benefits. You get to enjoy free Wi-Fi and hotel rooms at cheap prices, whilst still earning points for every stay.

The points could get you rewards like an access to musical performances and sports events. That is a cool vacation deal!

4. Fly One Way, Twice...

A simple, yet smart method to save money is to secure two one-way journeys online. This is cheaper than purchasing a return ticket to your next holiday destination.

Top travel insiders call this a “hacker fare”. It reduces your flight costs by hundreds of dollars.

So what exactly is a hacker fare? A hacker fare allows you to buy two cheap one-way fares, usually with different airlines. This saves you the money you would have spent on a single round-trip ticket.

You can get this awesome vacation deal by searching airlines. This is a time-consuming task, but you have help from KAYAK. This travel-booking website embeds hacker fares into its flight search function. This allows you to see if there’s a one-way combination suited for your designation.

5. Never Go On A Trip Without Budgeting

A holiday should be for fun. Yet, it could become a nightmare if your finances aren’t well managed. While making a holiday budget might seem daunting, it’s a necessary step if you must get the best vacation deals.

When budgeting, ensure you know the amount of money you have. That is, before allocating funds to expenses like food, shopping, and sightseeing.

Do you have a hard time making a budget? Online resources like Lonely Planet and Rough Guides can help. They equip travelers with information about common costs at their preferred destinations. Travelex has a travel budget calculator that estimates how much you would spend. It makes this prediction based on the duration and vacation style.


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