Five Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Teacher

Teaching for some is a passion, and to others, it can be a means to an end. Either way, being a teacher entails impacting sizable knowledge on every student you come across.

When you consider teaching as a career path, these are five things no one brings to your attention.

You need to be attentive at all times

When you become a teacher, you need to be fully alert to capture the attention of your students. Failure to capture their attention can lead to chaos in the class.You need to put several things in check

You can have challenges in other aspects of your life but as you aim to be an excellent and efficient teacher. You need to leave out your outside life out of the classroom. This can be a source of distraction. It’s your duty to neglect them for the duration of your class and engage your students in the lesson for the day.

Put certain habits you exhibit in class in check

As a teacher, you meet a whole lot of students with different behaviors. You will have a variety of students. You will find students that bring to your attention certain behaviors you exhibit while teaching.

They bring it to your attention to make you feel uncomfortable; you tend to pardon their inadequacies. The longer you teach a particular set of students, the more accurate their observation becomes.

Some comments can be hurtful. To discourage students from going on about it, you need to handle it in a matured an effective manner. You either ignore, laugh about it or assign consequences to it. Whichever way you choose to handle it, make sure you don’t attach sentiments to it.

Put in extra hours if you can

Over the years, it has been quite an argument about whether teachers are well compensated. The truth is you cannot put a price on a teacher’s work. Many who believe a teacher’s pay is more than enough are wrong. Most teachers work under harsh conditions an average educator cannot even bear.

The reward of a teacher is in how successful your student is. it is not about the money but helping young minds become great people. So if you must, a few hours won’t hurt.

Be nice to staff in your school

Being kind to every staff; principal or bookkeeper can be helpful. The school system works in harmony, and your success depends on others putting in enough to help your students.

Mask most emotions

Your first year in a classroom should not determine your future as a teacher

Although not all teachers had it rough in the first year, not everyone had it easy either.

When you switch from being a “cool teacher” to one that is in charge, it brings a lot of anxiety and unexpected pressure sensed by most students.

It is not helpful when a student senses uncertainty and anxiety in an adult authority figure. Even when you do things the way you are supposed to, you still find so students that pick on your nervousness. This will make your duty in class more difficult as it will disrupt the learning environment.

After the first year, you find it easier to coordinate the class, and you have the “ I know what I’m doing’ aura. This will boost your confidence level and you will be able to handle problems in your class caused by limit testing kids.

Teachers that had it involved in the first year confessed that it became easier after the first year. This is because they had more working experience.

Teaching is a tedious profession. But, when you know you have imparted knowledge in a kid, you have the greatest feeling of satisfaction ever. This is why many consider following teaching as a career path to be the best thing


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