How Sewing Could Make You a Happier Person

Apart from being an incredibly useful skill to have in your arsenal, sewing is fun, productive and knowing how to can, save you loads of money.

Think about it; when all you should do to get the dress of your dreams is to sit on a sewing machine and create. When you are done, you can dream up even more fabulous dresses, just because you can.

Here are ways sewing can make you happier as a person.

  • Not only can you make things for yourself and alter store-bought clothes, if need be, you can also make them for family and friends. Also, if you need an extra source of income, then it's time to commercialize your sewing skills.
  • Knowing how to sew eliminates the hours you spend thinking about the perfect gift for someone special. Instead of buying, you can make something fabulous for that person. Sewing helps you save up more money.
  • You don’t need to hire a professional when you are perfectly capable of designing your wardrobe with your skills. Buy yourself a high-quality sewing or sewing machine for kids and start creating beautiful designs. From throw pillows to bedsheets and curtains, the possibilities are endless. By the time, you are done designing, you will have a sense of satisfaction knowing your decor is a product of your hard work and when you can, brag about it to friends and family who visit.
  • Creativity is not limited to being able to write a bestseller or paint a masterpiece. You bring out the creative genius in you by making things that you want, the way you want them. Break out your sketchpad and watercolor, draw, design, create a color scheme and do whatever it takes to make your masterpiece.
If you already have a demanding job and you simply need a hobby to help you simmer down, take up sewing. It is fun, creative, artistic and relaxing. There’s no age limit for this hobby and you don’t need a fortune to do it.

  • Sewing improves your motor skills, your ability to pay attention to detail, widens your imagination, enhances your critical thinking ability, empowers you and makes you a more productive person. It improves your hand-eye coordination and keeps your mind and fingers agile.
  • Sewing gives you a tangible sense of accomplishment. Simply knowing that you have created something with a combination of your imagination and skills would greatly boost your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.
  • Sewing is therapeutic and it greatly relieves stress. Sitting behind your machine and thinking about nothing but making perfect stitches gives you a break from the worries of everyday life.

    It helps with positive thinking; it can also help you put things into perspective and arrange your thoughts in a way that makes them less pressing when you pick up your machine. The best part of sewing is that it does not require professional training to learn how to work a sewing machine either by hand or with a machine. What you need is determination and a bit of practice.
If you suddenly have lots of free time and you are looking for an interesting way to pass the time, buy a sewing machine. It does not have to be a high-product with a high price tag. All you need is something small to learn the basics with. If you don’t know how to go about it, consider an online sewing course or take a sewing class. Practice as much as possible and before you know it, you will be an expert clothe maker. So, next time you’re feeling blue and think acquiring a new skill can lift your spirits, try sewing.


Adeyemi Adetilewa is a digital marketing strategist who writes for publications. He's the Founder and Editor of, an online community for entrepreneurs to share business ideas. His one word is #possibilities.

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