How To Make Your Website Look Amazing In 5 Days

In times past, people spent lots of money to make brochures and fliers for their businesses. Today, with the internet, things are much better. People can get information about your product and services online.

You can get millions of customers since people all over the world will have to access your website.

There are loads of benefits to owning a website. One is that it helps you to save cost. The Internet makes your business available 24/7, 365 days.

If you don't have a website for your business yet, it would be wise to get one today. It's never too late. If you've decided to own one, but don't know how to begin, don't worry. This article will guide you on how to get an amazing website in five days.

In setting up a business website, you need to make sure it's attractive. A plain website, or one that lacks content wouldn't suffice.

People buy what they see, which means your website should speak for your business.

Here are some steps to make your website look amazing in only five days.

Day 1: Get Your Domain Name

First, you'll need a domain name for your website. Why? Because this helps customers find your company or business. It also assists in identifying what type of services you're rendering.

Your domain name doesn't have to be your business name. Instead, it should be something people can remember with ease.

You can get and register cheap domain names at Go Daddy. It's usually very cheap, except when you want to buy a name that already exists. Be sure to search up the domain name you choose, to know if it's taken. This will help you avoid legal issues.

Day 2: Set Up Your Website

So, you already have a name, what next? It's time to set up your website. You have two options for this. It's either you do it yourself (DIY), or you consult a professional.

If you decide to try it out yourself, make sure you do a good job. Don’t exercise fear because you lack the relevant skills.

You can get website templates from DIY websites. These websites have web building and hosting. You can also edit and customize the templates to suit your needs. It may not be as grand as what a professional website designer would achieve, but it would suffice.

Think about what you want to put on your website. You can add pictures, videos and live chats. Write what products and services your business is offering.

Day 3: Choose A Site

There are many DIY websites you can choose from online when you want to pick sites. Some of them are Go Daddy, Square Space, Moonfruit, and Site Builder. All these sites have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you aren't sure of which to pick, you can seek professional guidance.

These sites will provide custom designs to make your website look stylish. It all depends on what you want, and the type of business you run.

You can also browse these sites to get a mobile app for your website. The most important thing is for you to make findings of the types of layouts to pick from.

Day 4: Web Hosting

You need to host your website on a web server for people to have access to it. Hosting is a gateway between your website and the internet.

Most DIY templates on any of the sites mentioned also come with hosting service. If that isn't the case, then you can get one from another company.

The price of hosting service usually comes monthly or yearly. Many companies offer hosting service, chief among them being Google. Subscribing to free services will limit your website. So better go for paid options.

Day 5: Search Engine Optimization

Now that your website is set and about to take off, don't hurry yet. There is one more thing to do. People have to notice your website, so you need to register with a search engine operator.

To get people to visit your website, you can link your website to a URL.

You can also enter keywords in search engines, or subscribe to pay per click from other websites. You can register with Google to get a high ranking on the search engine.

You can pay for ads spaces on people blogs and forums. This way, people get to see and click the links to your website.

You can also get your website noticeable by subscribing to social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google are popular platforms. Another option is to subscribe for SEO services offer by different companies. This gets people attracted to your site and boosts your business's popularity. Many people will be talking about you.

Once you've done all these, your website is ready and all within five days. Note that if you're not an expert in web designing, it would be necessary to consult professionals. This will help you ask any questions you might have.

Questions on installing content management systems and site maintenance plans are common. Site testing, e-newsletter, design, web hosting, and email services also pose a challenge.


Adeyemi Adetilewa is a digital marketing strategist who writes for publications. He's the Founder and Editor of, an online community for entrepreneurs to share business ideas. His one word is #possibilities.

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