What You Should Know About Making Money Online

The key to making money online is to follow a proven system. A system that will refine and mold you. A system that will stretch you and lead you on a personal journey of self-development.

There are many online systems out there that will make you money online.I will talk about online systems…

We have affiliate marketing, e-commerce, email marketing, dropshipping, blogging, freelancing, video logging etc.

And I am sure that you have heard of some if not all of these systems.

Here is what 90% of people who try to make money online do:

  • read every blog out there about making money online
  • learn about affiliate marketing, e-commerce, email marketing, drop shipping, creating their own online store selling physical products, blogging, freelance
  • get lost in information and advice
  • after a few weeks or months…
  • they quit…
The only way to make money online is to follow a proven system.

And the time frame is not short either because you have to pick a system and stick with it 100%.

Pick any online system. Email marketing, e-commerce, blogging, etc.

But make sure you stick one just that system and do NOT deviate. Do NOT lose focus. Do NOT get pulled in by another attractive video sales page that promises you the world.

Make sure you learn everything you can about that online system and take actions.

Also make sure that you seek out mentors but don’t be deceived.No one can tell you which system to pick.No one can tell you which business model to go after.

You have to make the decision. Don’t expect someone, especially someone from the internet to make that decision for you.

HOWEVER what I can do is to provide you with a proven system that works, and is working for thousands and thousands of people everyday.

The System That Will Make You Money Online
  1. 1. Find a niche that you are interested in (dating, weight loss, online marketing etc.)
  2. 2. Find a product to promote (as an affiliate) from ClickBank.
  3. 3. Create a one page opt-in website (using Unbounce or Leadpages)
  4. 4. Pick an email service provider (Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact etc.)
  5. 5. Integrate the one page website with your chosen affiliate program or product.
  6. 6. Set up a series of emails that provides VALUABLE content and the occasional promotional emails.
  7. 7. Drive targeted traffic to your one page opt-in website.
  8. 8. Continue to build relationship with your list with great content and promos.
The more time you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

So go out there, take action, pick a system and run with it.

What system are you using to make money online?


Adeyemi Adetilewa is a digital marketing strategist who writes for publications. He's the Founder and Editor of Ideasplusbusiness.com, an online community for entrepreneurs to share business ideas. His one word is #possibilities.

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