New Rules For Success In MLM

Hello everyone, Fantastic Adrian Tea Brown here. Today I want

to remind or inform you about some new rules for success in the

mlm industry.

Things and times have changed. What use to work successfully

in the past few years have become obsolete, and can no longer

give you fantastic results.

The mlm marketing industry is no different from the rest of the

world. There are still many online mlm entrepreneurs who are

still stuck in the old modus operandi, and they are suffering the


Those who are reaping big success today have realize that it is

not business as usual. The rules have changed. The old way of

doing things have changed.

So let us examine some of the new rules for success in mlm:

Rule #1

Instead of focusing on products, we need to focus on people.

The products are never the less very important in the mix,

but it is where in the order of importance are they positioned?

In the past it was easy to push your products and convinced

people to buy. But over the years consumers have been

deceived, betrayed, lied to and taken for granted.

They are wiser now and cannot be easily fooled with the

exaggerated hyped and shinny looking attractions.

Today it is about moving people by showing genuine and

personal interest in them. Offer them tremendous value that will

meet their needs, answer their questions and solve their


You have to prepare yourself to move people emotionally with

your message. Move them with your promises to make their life

better. Move them with surprises of showing them that they are

not alone in their situation.

Show them how much you understand and do care.

It is not about you nor your products, it's about them. You have

to connect your emotion with theirs' so that they can reconnect

with their dreams through the possibility of using your products.

Rule #2

Stemming from rule number one, you are no longer focusing

on conversion, rather you are concerned about conversation.

If you are going to be successful in any business, you must

convert people (called prospects) into customers or distributors.

The big companies today have caught the vision that people

are no longer falling for the hyped pitch, they are looking for

something more to connect to.

They are looking for someone to talk to, to lead them from

where they, to where they want to be. You can be a

successful mlm entrepreneur by leading your prospects

with words that will direct them to solutions to their problems.

You kick start the conversation by making them the

center of attention. Show them how important they are

as you find out about their feelings, desires and longings.

Could say much more in conversation, but let us jump to

my final rule in this article. There are many more that I

will present to you as we go forward.

Rule #3

Do not focus on building volume, rather offer surprising

value. The best way to do that is to find out what matters

to them the most. Get to know them, their dreams and

aspirations, their fears and faith, or lack of faith.

If we fail to recognize people as important, we don't stand

a chance in today's mlm business world.

The reality is, people have more choices now more than

ever before. They are bombarded with messages from

every direction. The social media, emails, cable TV,

magazine and the list goes on.

Surprise people with the best you have as gifts that they did not

expect. Then they will naturally want to know more. What

else do you have, if what you are giving away is so valuable.

The essence of this article is, if something is not working

then do something different. Many things are not working

in mlm as effective as before.

Common sense dictates that success can only come by

doing things a different way. There are more new rules for

success in mlm.

Stay tuned for my next in the series.


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