Copywriting Secrets:How To Become The Best Internet Network Marketer

Mastering online copywriting to utilize in a network marketing business is a difficult yet rewarding journey that a savvy internet network marketer should embark upon. It is not my focus to answer what is copywriting or the extreme importance. I will assume that you already know. I can tell you however that it does take time, patience, tons of reading, money, and energy. In other words this like any other skill set will not be mastered over night.

My focus IS on delivering the simplest step by step formula on knowing what to focus on when doing any form of internet network marketing.That being said I will give you very valuable information that will help shorten the learning curve.

Before I share with you these copywriting secrets understand that people do not care about what you care about. Step outside of your mind and get deeply intimate with the mind of your prospect. While you are doing your marketing and online copywriting you want to target people that ARE where you WERE.

Prime example, I know the pains of being involved in MLM (facing rejection, no money, small downline, prospecting in cold market, etc) so I focus all my marketing efforts on helping people in MLM relieve those problems.

Now it is time to spill the beans on copywriting secrets. Here is the simple 3 step formula that you can follow whenever you are marketing.

1. Let them know upfront that THIS is what you are looking for. The THIS is the keyword that you want to get traffic for. Studies show that you have less than 5 seconds to grab someone's attention. That is why you want to be direct with your marketing.

2. Give them the information they are LOOKING for. This is where you overwhelm them with value on the topic they are researching. I had to say that twice because relevance is KEY in your success as a marketer and copywriter. Make sure that your points are very enticing.

3. Tell them where to get more information. Providing you did your job correctly this should be a smooth transition. If you wow'ed them with great content and kept their attention they will feel compelled to follow the next step.

This formula is very simple yet extremely powerful. Don't be like the 97% that read this and not take action. Be a 3%, decide you will master online copywriting and then take massive correct action.


Adrian Hines is a former MLM DUD turned Stud. He works full time from home in the internet network marketing industry. His whole focus is on empowering normal individuals with the skill set of internet marketing so they too can right their own paycheck for life.

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