Network Marketing Prospecting Tips:How To Sponsor Quality Reps With No Income Claim

Newbies to internet network marketing ask all the time how can they sponsor someone when they haven't made any money yet. They and veterans as well are constantly in search

of some golden network marketing prospecting tip that solves everything.

There is no such thing that will do that however there are certain strategies that you can use in order to build a successful business. Sponsoring someone onto your team without making an income claim is easier than you think.

Before I tell you how, answer this question. What prompted you to get started in the network marketing industry. Think really hard about this one. As you think of your answer see if what I say lines up with your reasoning.

Now are you ready for the answer to be revealed?

Focus On Lifestyle Marketing. That's it. Nothing more nothing less.

What do I mean by lifestyle marketing?

Exactly a month ago I quit my retail sales job. I know work full time from home. When I communicate this with people via Facebook, Twitter, videos, emails they are excited for me.

What that does for those who still have a full time job is provide hope. I talk about how I've been to Vegas to network with other top internet marketers, how I am enjoying living life on my terms, and how I get to spend as much time as I want with my wife and daughter.

I don't have to face another Black Friday in the retail world anymore. I don't have to work LONG hours because of the holiday season. I work when I want wherever I want. All I am talking about is my lifestyle.

That's called freedom and THAT is what people are in search of. Don't get it confused, the money is a by product.

Now let me explain the magic that happens by doing this.

1. The people you bring in will be higher quality. Not only that but the odds of them actually staying and working the business has increased dramatically.

2. You are selling people what they want. There is a saying that people who go in search of a drill don't really want a drill but they want a hole. The drill is just the tool to make the hole.

In essence you are providing people a vehicle with your network marketing opportunity so that they can get the end result which is life on their terms.

This shows that you are a professional and not full of hype.

But what network marketing prospecting tip can I provide to those that still have a job and can't travel? Talk about how you and your spouse take walks in the park (even if its on your off day, they don't know). Share they joy of being able to be at your kids games and not have to try to sell someone on your opportunity. Talk about how you hang out with the guys at your favorite sporting event.

The key is NOT TO LIE. Show yourself having fun and really enjoying life.


Adrian Hines is a former MLM DUD turned Stud. He works full time from home in the internet network marketing industry. His whole focus is on empowering normal individuals with the skill set of internet marketing so they too can right their own paycheck for life.

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