From Diversity to Differences

Sometimes there is very little joy in the workplace. Work can be a grind and not something that conjures up thoughts of life enhancement. So when an opportunity for joy presents itself, it should be embraced. This is where a discussion of difference among people comes in. The beliefs, habits, and rituals of different people can be intellectually stimulating and of practical benefit when it comes to empathy with internal and external customers.

Diversity training can go to the next level by teaching the joy of differences and at the same time, the subject can move from compliance to commitment.

Learning about differences can help to engage employees by providing understanding and therefore, better cooperation, with team members. In my Italian/American upbringing, I learned that you express appreciation and share hospitality by giving people food…the more the better…now there’s a way to bring joy to others. This is not right or wrong, just different and an example of enhancing each other’s life experiences.

Do you have an ethnic example you can use to bring some joy to someone’s life?


I am a consultant, speaker and author with nine books and clients that include OfficeMax, Caterpillar, Home Depot, Wal-Mart,Con-Way and many others. I am considered a lifeline to HR Executoives.

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