Devin Conner - Franchise Consultant

Devin Conner, Los Angeles, CA - Mr. Conner has spent the past ten years working in the telecommunications field in addition to developing outbound sales organizations focused on the direct mail and outbound marketing fields.

Devin joined Franchise Marketing Systems in 2011 out of the Los Angeles market and has provided FMS clients with sales, marketing and strategic franchise guidance. Mr. Conner holds a bachelor's degree in business communications from the University of Missouri at Columbia.

Mr. Conner provides the Franchise Marketing Systems team with presence and coverage for the organizations west coast franchise development work. Many California-based franchise organizations that work with FMS need the local support and attention that a California-based franchise consultant could provide. Devin has supported franchise systems such as Bella Pita Mediterranean, Junk King, Golden Home Care Franchising, Simply Chiropractic, REDRHINO epoxy flooring and Restoration 1 among others.

Devin currently provides management experience with a heavy focus in operations for both national and regional food service franchises. His management background in the food service arena provides industry specific expertise for FMS clients.

Mr. Conner grew up in the Chicago, IL area and spent over twenty five years in the Midwest. He currently resides in Redondo Beach, California and has lived in the area since 2010.


Mr. George is a specialist in franchise territory planning, franchise mapping and franchise strategic planning. Alan George has over 27 years advertising, sales and marketing experience. Most recently he held an executive position with GeoVue, a company that provides predictive analytics for franchise sales forecasting, site selection and market planning to retailers and restaurants. Prior to GeoVue, Mr. George was Director of Sales and Business Development at Tactician Corp, a franchise mappi...

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