Franchise Marketing Systems Client Growth

Franchise Marketing Systems Client Growth

FMS Clients have continued to exceed growth expectations in 2012. FMS clients have sold 349 franchises during the past 24 months. The franchise market continues to improve and along with positive economic indicators we see additional growth taking place in the franchise market segment at large.

FMS Clients have seen fantastic growth in unique market segments:

  • REDRHINO Epoxy Flooring Company – 5 Franchises in 2012
  • Restoration 1 – 3 Franchises in 2012
  • Snoopit Imports Chinese Imports – 2 Licenses in 2012
  • Junk King Junk Removal – 5 Franchises in 2012
  • Your Pro Kitchen – First Franchise sold in 2012
  • Hood Cleaners of America – 3 Franchises sold in 2012
  • My House Fitness – First Franchise sold in 2012
  • The Weave Shop Franchise – 4 Franchises sold in 2012
  • Mosquito Terminators – 8 Franchises sold in 2012
  • CFO Systems – 4 Licenses sold in 2012
  • Blue Chip Pet Care – 2 Franchises Sold – 1 Master Franchise in 2012
  • Bungobox Moving – 3 Franchises Sold in 2012
  • Flower Tent – 24 Franchises Sold in 2012
  • Champion Food Trucks – 1 Franchise Sold in 2012
  • Caring Matters Home Care – 4 Franchises Sold in 2012
  • Splash and Dash Pet Care – 6 Licenses Sold in 2012
  • Park Select Franchise – First Franchise Sold in 2012
  • Strands of Beauty – First Franchise Sold in 2012
  • Vital Restoration – First Franchise Sold in 2012

Franchise Marketing Systems exhibits at most of the franchise tradeshows across the United States. Contact us to find out what franchise shows are in your area. The New York Franchise show in June attracted almost 10,000 visitors!


Mr. George is a specialist in franchise territory planning, franchise mapping and franchise strategic planning. Alan George has over 27 years advertising, sales and marketing experience. Most recently he held an executive position with GeoVue, a company that provides predictive analytics for franchise sales forecasting, site selection and market planning to retailers and restaurants. Prior to GeoVue, Mr. George was Director of Sales and Business Development at Tactician Corp, a franchise mappi...

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