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you pay an average cost of 7-9$ per watt , a single PV panel producing 100watts is gonna cost from 700-900$

you can find solar panels for as low as $4-6 per watt,

Nowadays many people are considering the benefits of using renewable energy to save a lot of money on the electicity bill and help the environment.

PV panels are

a big investment that reduce all your electricity bills and also increase the property value . Many people don't install the panels

on their house's roof is because the high price

of the commercial panels, especially the brand names.

Typical solar panel installations cost between $7-9 per watt. This means that a single PV panel producing 100watts

costs you $700-900. Although you can find solar panels for as low as $4-6 per watt, the installation costs can easily run up

this cost quite rapidly. It makes a lot of financial sense to build your own solar panels.

All the pieces and building material you need can be found at your local hardware store; plywood, copper wire, and sheets of Plexiglas.

The solar cells can be found locally as well or online.

It usually takes less than half a day to assemble. It can be an incredibly enjoyable family project.


Albert Ross is a writer and consultant.

also an expert in the field of solar power  in do-it-yourself solar panels and has build several solar power generators in his spare time.

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