search engine marketing means back linking

in order to understand why when you are search engine marketing and website you need to build back links you must understand how Google rank sites. Although this is not fully known, the reality is that Google like many popular websites in the modern digital economy, prefer to rank websites in a very democratic fashion. Just like eBay provides users with feedback to tell other uses whether people are reliable or not, Google's equivalent is to work out what sites are worth looking at in reference to how other uses interact with those sites.

Google assumes that a website viewer who enjoyed and valued the content of a website will advertise the value of that content to other people. This is often done by posting a link on their own website, pointing to that website. This is called a back link and the text used to link back is referred to as the anchor text. Also, people will post the enjoyment of that site to sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Search engine marketing attempts to replicate this process artificially. This is done by creating back links from other sites that point to your own website with a view to making Google think that this spontaneous approval of your website has taken place. This is perfectly legal and ethical of course.

Not all back links are created equal of course. A link which refers to your website with the anchor text "click here" may not necessarily tell Google that your website is about "shiny widget A". This perhaps explains the importance of anchor text. Because so many people use PDFs to distribute content, they often say ‘if you require the Adobe reader click here’. If you Google the phrase’ click here’, Adobe is the number one result because Google has associated the phrase ‘click here’ with Adobe. As can be seen from this example therefore, it is very important to have correct anchor links pointing back to your site.

It is also important to have sites that Google itself thinks are important. This is done through the so-called page rank system. Every website is assigned a numerical value by Google once it is indexed between 0 and 9. The higher your Google page rank, the more important your site. It is often far better to have one link from a high Google page rank site then hundreds of links from sites which Google assigns a value of 0, which means it thinks it is essentially worthless.

Search engine marketing is not easy or straightforward. It constantly evolves but one thing is certain. If you wish a website to be found by people looking for your goods and services, it is essential.


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