Setting Up Your Cold Calling Script

"Should I follow a script when cold calling?" A few of the benefits of using a script are: ■You can practice reading from it before you call to help you sound more knowledgeable, professional, and in control

■The script contains a list of common objections, with suggested responses

■Reviewing the script will allow you to become more familiar with your product/service

However, there are a few disadvantages of using a script:

■ It may sound like you are reading from a script and just going through the motions. This is often done with no passion whatsoever, and many potential customers will pick up on this immediately■Many people who are forced to listen to a script reading will feel like their intelligence is being insulted, and may also feel like they are not being addressed personally - but instead are being treated like a number, rather than a person

■Many new cold callers will read through the script too quickly, and consequently fail to pick up any responses from the listener...until the line disconnects

■Scripts are often filled with cliches such as "Congratulations! You have been selected..." or some phoney sounding story such as "you won't believe this, but our warehouse has just been damaged, and we are getting rid of out inventory at unbelievably cheap prices, so this is your lucky day" or "put your buying hat on, and grab your buying pencil" or some other such nonsense.

Therefore, when all things are considered, most successful cold callers use a script - but make it sound like they don't. This means knowing what you are going to say, and how you will handle objections.

The keys to this are to adapt a conversational tone; don't rush through your introduction and listen - really listen - to the person you are talking to. At times, this may mean that you will deviate from the script somewhat: but that is okay, as long as you are developing rapport with who you called and a friendly conversation is developing.

Finally, read the script, and if there are words in the script that you normally don't use, and feel uncomfortable using them, then don't use them! They will sound phoney and insincere, and may result in losing many sales.

By keeping these ideas in mind, the script can be a fantastic and useful tool.



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