5 Things to Avoid When Marketing on Social Media

Social media marketing is the most important tool you have at your disposal. To give you an idea of spectacular growth, Instagram has grown so much it now has over 300 million users, compared to Twitter’s 284 million.

But there are things you should and shouldn’t do to make the most of social media.

1. Don’t Stick with Facebook Exclusively

Facebook is no longer the magic bullet it once was. Things have changed and Facebook is now just one option of many. You’re missing out by sticking with it on an exclusive basis.

Despite being the largest social media network, this doesn’t mean it’s as effective as other platforms. Recent studies show organic reach from pages has dropped to 6%, and for bigger pages it can be as low as 2%.

2. Don’t Spread Too Far

It’s easy to think that being active on as many different social media platforms as possible will lead to success. Let’s take a company like Auto Transport Broker Leads as an example.

This is clearly a professional company, so we would always recommend they operate on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. On the other hand, they aren’t going to see as much success on a creative platform like Pinterest. This is not something the business can do anything about. It’s a matter of this is not your target audience.

Spread your efforts over two or three platforms, at least in the beginning.

3. Stay Away from Cross-Posting

Cross-posting is where you will take a piece of content designed for Facebook and repost it on Twitter. Yes, it does save a lot of time and effort, but there are no guarantees of success. Cross-posting is a bad habit to get into because what works on Facebook doesn’t always work on Twitter, and vice-versa.

Cross-posting can be used on occasion, but otherwise you should see each social media platform as entirely independent streams of content.

4. Stop Acting Like a Bot

Bots that constantly spam people are a real problem online. You don’t want to get into a situation where people mistake your social media channels as bots. Companies used to fear acting like real people. Now it’s something you should aim to do as a matter of course.

Ensure that you put the human touch down early. Make a joke and be willing to let yourself go. People don’t want to see a faceless corporate news channel. It’s cold and impersonal.

5. Never Rely on Sharing

Sharing content is a good way to introduce readers to something interesting, but it’s not a good way to get people to engage. It’s an extremely lazy way of going about things because essentially all you’re doing is sharing someone else’s work.

Put the time in creating something unique. It takes a lot of effort to produce unique content, but it’s worth it because you’re more likely to get engagement.

Furthermore, you will find people sharing content from your side. This offers a far bigger Google boost than anything else.

Remember that social media marketing is a game of trial and error. It’s also a slow process. Practice the fundamentals now and you’ll soon start to see success in time.


Alesia Hsiao is a professional writer who specializes in business topics. She has written for numerous sites on the web and is known for providing her readers with valuable guest posting services  content.

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