Is An International Career Move A Smart Decision?

Should you embrace a career leap that involves moving internationally? At first blush, the question appears to be a practical one. Acost-benefit analysis should be able to answer it.

Upon closer inspection, you may see that it is actually deep, philosophical question. It is fraught with life-changing implications. Your answers will inform you about your belief systems. You will discover your beliefs and values about the world of work itself.

Certainty vs. Uncertainty

As human beings, we fluctuate between two polar opposite values.On one hand, we crave stability. We want predictability. We want to know what will happen next. We like to practice our responses to situations so that we can figure out the best possible approach.

On the other hand, we want change, variety, and fresh challenges. If things are too stable, they are boring.Boredom, if pushed to an extreme, is painful. It leads to mood disorders, ranging from ennui to desperation. When our mind lacks fresh stimulus, we don't feel alive.

What does this have to do with work? It has pretty much everything to do with it.

What Is A "Good Job?"

We often define a good job as working for a company like General Motors or IBM. These are solid companies. They have a long history and have employed thousands of people. They have figured out how to systematize everything. They have managed to ride the fluctuations in diverse market conditions. If you work for them, you can expect to have a steady paycheck for years to come. True, the idea of lifetime employment is now obsolete. But these companies come pretty close to promising it.

You have a stable career if you are in health care, engineering, education, or the government. It's stable because you can expect to stay at your job without much risk of getting fired. You will do fine if you stick to your job description. You will survive if you don't make waves.Of course, you will only experience small changes. Your work routine, position, and salary will not fluctuate much.

By contrast,other type of work, involves nothing but uncertainty and change. If you sell real estate or work as a freelance graphic designer you don’t know where your next job is coming from. You fluctuate between feast and famine. You learn how to balance the extremes through budgeting and increasing your resourcefulness. You can experience scarcity or roll in plenty. Only one thing is certain, you will find that boredom is not a long term option.

Type A or Type B?

Deciding on which group you belong towill determine if an international move is a good one for you.Your career choice has a lot to do with whether you are a Type A or Type B personality.

Generally speaking, if you prefer certainty, then you are probably a Type B person. You are easy to get along with and find no difficulty in following the rules. If you are a type B person, it might not be a good idea to move overseas. You will have to deal with a lot of change and uncertainty. You will often feel awkward and out of place. Even if you move within a solid business, you will still have to deal with all sorts of cultural changes.

If you prefer challenges, then you are probably a Type A person. You love to shake things up and reinvent the rules. You believe that rules can and should change when necessary. The prospect of moving overseas will thrill you. After all, you thrive on change. Assimilating the nuances of a new culture will make you feel much more alive.

Which Career Choice Is Riskier?

It may seem that a stable career is the least risky choice. But we live in an age of tremendous change. A single technological innovation can make your business model obsolete. What's more,political, economic, and social changes are also accelerating. This change is a result of the rapid rate of knowledge the human race is experiencing. It's estimated that human knowledge is doubling every 12 months.

Those who take the path of uncertainty will not be as resourceful as those who took the path of challenge. They will not be as equipped to deal with drastic change.

The Challenges of Moving Overseas

Perhaps, you’re fine with the idea of a career change. Still,you’re reluctant to relocate because of the physical difficulty of moving overseas. There is a great deal of packing and distribution involved in making a big move. Fortunately, there are companies like United Van Lines that offer moving services to more than 180 countries. Such companies even offer seasoned advice on how to settle down in a new city or culture.

A more acute challenge is the emotional element of moving. You may feel that you are leaving family and friends behind. Again, this is not as huge a leap as you might think. Telecommunications has made it easy to keep in touch with people. There is not much observable difference between a local and an international Skype call. You can and hear see the other party just as clearly.


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