Six Careers from Movies That Are Too Awesome to Exist

Ask anyone who has ever worked in an office and they’ll tell you all about the soul-crushing monotony of living in a cubicle for eight hours a day for five days a week. Security guards may experience some excitement on their jobs yet for the most part; it is not the kind of excitement that they want to experience. For a moment, we’re going to look at something a little more interesting. Let’s think about our dream careers.

Those dream careers that sadly are so awesome they only exist in the movies.

1. Blade Runner

If you’re the type of independent worker who has no problem shooting mechanical strippers from behind, this might be the job for you. All you need is the emotional capacity of a tomato and about three years of Off-World experience.

Some of your duties may include operating a Voight-Hampff machine and learning how to pilot a flying car.

2. Bounty Hunter

Anyone who has seen Star Wars may balk at the idea of becoming a bounty hunter. Their death scenes are hardly heroic. However, with the freelance economy on the up a career as a bounty hunter may just be the ticket.

You’ll get to wear cool armor all day, whilst zipping around on the jetpack attached to your back. You’ll have a tool belt more versatile than that of James Bond’s, and the best part is this is an industry that promotes diversity. As long as you can use a blaster, you’re in.

3. Ghostbuster

Stop listening to the theme tune and consider a career in busting some ghosts. Now you can use that college education to work in a base of operations with a customized hearse. As you go about your duties, you will have a nuclear accelerator attached to your back. Simply point at the target location and that’s your job done for the day.

4. The Pre-Crime Cop

Some people laughed when the idea of the pre-crime cop came into being. Stopping criminals before they commit a crime reeks of dystopia, but it was a good premise for a film.

All you have to do is act like a police officer. The difference is you don’t have to go through the tiring process of having any actual evidence.

To carry out your job, you’ll have access to a range of tools like a mag-lev future car, sick sticks, and Dentification spiders.

5. Jedi Temple Librarian

If working in a university is a little too boring for you, or working in a dusty library makes you want to sleep, consider a job at the Jedi Temple on the urban planet of Coruscant. Not only will you get to help young jedi knights find the knowledge they want from an entire galactic encyclopaedia, but also you’ll even be trained in the jedi arts yourself.

What many people don’t know is librarians still get to carry a green lightsaber.

6. Rider of Rohan

Do you like animals?

If so, consider joining the ranks of the Riders of Rohan. You’ll get to make new friends as riders just like you canter over the vast green plains of Middle Earth. Not only will you get to camp out under the stars, you’ll get to ride down nasty orcs as part of one of the greatest fighting forces in the known world.

All you need is the ability to swing a sword and ride a horse over the heads of your enemies.


Sadly, back in the real world these careers don’t exist. You’ll never get the chance to wield a lightsaber or pilot a flying car. At least you can watch these films on Blu-ray repeatedly, while dreaming about it.

What careers from movies would you like to take up?


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