The Email Marketing Checklist – Don’t Hit Send until You Read This

Email marketing isn’t dead. A report from Salesforce Marketing Cloud states 73% of marketers believe email marketing remains a core part of their business. But it’s easy to get things wrong when it comes to sending an email.

Before you hit that ‘Send’ button, make sure you read this checklist.

1. The Address Format

Whenever you write an address in, make it clear who it’s from. Write down your name and the name of your business.

For example, home alarm companies couldn’t just write the name of the sender. Not only is it unprofessional but the chances are the receiver doesn’t remember you, especially if you’re not in regular contact.

Make it easy for people to spot you from a distance.

2. Check Pre-Header Text

The pre-header text is the subject line above the subject matter. It’s like a little teaser for the content that’s to come. Readers like these because it allows them to make an immediate decision on whether they want to read that email.

3. Condense Your Body

Email marketing is a difficult subject to get right. Aim to get to the subject as soon as you can. You should give them the information they want immediately. Far from decreasing the amount of time spent on a page, it will increase it because they’ll be compelled to read further.

4. Use Colors Appropriate

Color combinations will impact how a reader feels. Generally, the best color scheme is to have no color scheme at all. Stick with the old-fashioned black and white. Readers don’t want anything other than this. They want the content not a pretty picture in the back.

5. The Right Images and the Right Font

Readability should come above all else. Use a standard font like Times New Roman and Arial. As long as it’s easy to read and the font choice simply fades into the background, you’re on the right track.

The same thing applies to images. They should easily blend into the content. All images should be relevant and should complement the written content, which is the meat of your email.

6. Use a Call to Action

Most people tend to scan email messages. A call to action can catch skimmers. They’re more likely to understand the point of your email and what you want them to do.

You can even design call to action buttons. This is a more advanced way of getting people to click.

7. Check for Typos

It goes without saying that before you send an email you should check it thoroughly for typos. It’s not as important for quick messages between friends, but any professional correspondence shouldn’t have a single typo.

Typos take people out of the email and focus their attention on the fact you didn’t run spellchecker before punching the ‘Send’ button.

This checklist should form the basis of your email marketing process. Print it out and place it somewhere where you can always see it. You’ll soon see the benefits with every new campaign you send out.


Alesia Hsiao is a professional writer who specializes in business topics. She has written for numerous sites on the web and is known for providing her readers with valuable guest posting services  content.

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