Three Psychology Books Everyone Should Read

Winston Churchill once said that failure wasn’t fatal, and that it was “the courage to continue” that was most important.

The psychology of success has been explored for many years. The knowledge and findings accumulated through various studies has been distilled into three essential psychology books that everyone should make time to read. For entrepreneurs, the psychology of success is an important thing to understand. These three books will help you to understand what it takes to succeed, as well as what may be holding you back.

The Success Manual – Anna Bailey

Billed as a manual to help you navigate your journey to success and help you deal with the stress you may encounter on your way to achieving your goals. The Success Manual shows you how to overcome obstacles while getting beyond your usual limits. It provides strategies on challenging your assumptions about yourself and maximizing your ability to perform and make plans for your future, to earn extra income and take risks. The Success Manual offers information on recognizing your problems as early as possible, creating the blueprint for your business success, building self-confidence and redefining yourself in order to succeed. According to some experts, such as Stephanie Wilcox from Physic Gurus, self-confidence is one of the most important skills in achieving success.

The Success Manual is riddled with references so that you can explore the topic in greater depth. Learning how to deal with stresses associated with trying to become successful requires character development and personal growth. Becoming more effective at succeeding is the most important thing you can do to improve your future prospects.

Mindset:The New Psychology of Success – Carol Dweck

This book, from Carol Dweck, a psychologist from Stanford University, is the result of several decades of performing research on the psychology of success and achievement. The book explores how powerful your mindset can be and how you can change it. It’s being hailed as a groundbreaking idea: that your mindset can be the ultimate arbiter of whether or not you’re successful. Dweck suggests that ability and talent are not the only, or perhaps even the most important, ingredients in achieving success. Instead, she says, your success depends far more on whether you have a fixed mindset, or a growth mindset.

Her ideas about a mindset that views success as a linear construct that flows with the intensity of your efforts (growth), versus a mindset that views success as a fluke, independent of effort (fixed), contrast the two as creating opportunities versus throwing them away. A growth mindset sees effort and success as inextricably linked, while a fixed mindset sees effort as secondary to pure chance. Dweck’s groundbreaking book teaches you to recognize which mindset you have, and how to nurture a growth mindset, while avoiding falling into a fixed one.

TheTalent Code: Unlocking the Power of Skill – Daniel Coyle

Predicated on questions about the nature of talent and how to cultivate and nurture it, The Talent Code offers an outstanding primer for teachers, parents, coaches, entrepreneurs and anyone else with the tools for maximizing their potential, and encouraging the potential of others. This book begins with the premise that skills are learned, rather than inherited. The basis of the work lies in very technical research on the human brain, but it is presented in a very readable and straightforward manner.

Creating Success

Life consists of being busy and searching for ways to save some time. However, these books are well worth the time they require and can help you realize your goals by understanding what is holding you back and how to change it. Understanding the psychology of success will help you become the leader you need to be, in order to achieve your goals.


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