Top 10 Ways to Create User Oriented Web Content

Compelling copy does many things, but most importantly, it converts and sells. When you produce copy, you must always keep in mind the action and feeling that you want your content to evoke. Every website must have engaging copy that captures the attention of the customer base if it wants to be successful. Instead of going the long route through trial and error, here are ten ways to create user oriented content for your web pages.

Know your audience in depth

Knowing your audience is not just about knowing the age range and gender of your demographics. It is about knowing what your customer desires and needs in their life. Perform some research on what your consumers are looking for and tailor your sales copy accordingly.

Keep up with new trends

Understanding trends means that you can stay ahead of the pack. Research trends related to your website so that you can appear to be an authority on the newest products and information. During an interview with Alex Miller, he revealed that staying up with the latest trends is what has kept his SEO business afloat. You have to be an expert (at least in the eyes of your readers/customers) to be able to stand out from your competitors.

Be a great event host

Throwing an event for your users to seem more personable and attracts more users. You can throw a live, in person event or you can host a twitter party where you have giveaways. Either will attract your users for interaction. Make sure your event relates to your website content, so that your readers will have a guaranteed good time.

Allow users to customize content

Hashtags and handles are a good way to allow users to customize content. These user-generated items are also great for understanding what your readers are interested in. Tailor some of your future posts towards the trends that you see in your customer bases hashtags, emails, and usernames.

Make content scan able

Content with obscure titles and long paragraphs can frustrate users. Make sure your titles are clear, your paragraphs are short and you utilize bullets and subheadings appropriately. Good content should be presented well.

Become a social media rock star

Just having a website is not enough for anyone. If you really want to be user oriented, you should have a web presence on all of the top social media websites. Your name on the website should correspond with your website, and you should post related content on your social media pages. Most of all, you must personally connect with your readers, by tweeting them directly or answering any questions. This will quickly make you a favored website, due to the personal touch. Derrick Bohn was able to increase sales on his zero tolerance knives by getting active on social media. If you search forums, you will see members talking about his cool site Knives Ship Free because of their interactions with him on his social media networks.

Mind your language

Apply the golden rule to your content. Speak to your customers in the language that they speak. Speaking in a similar manner as your users will decrease any communication errors.

Mix evergreen content and trendy content

You want to have trendy items to attract your users, but all authority websites need evergreen content. Evergreen simply means that your content won’t go out of style. Select a few subjects to produce non-changing content on.

Target different users

Some websites will have different demographics reading the same site. If this is the case with your website, create content specifically for each demographic. You don’t want to ignore users, as this will decrease your reader base.

Ask users for advice

Many websites don’t do this, but those that do tend to be successful. Feel free to ask your users what types of posts or information they would like to see. Producing this content will make your users happy, and make your website customer service friendly.

Implement a few of these strategies into your marketing plan and what your conversion rates skyrocket because of your content.


Alesia Hsiao is a professional writer who specializes in business topics. She has written for numerous sites on the web and is known for providing her readers with valuable guest posting services  content.

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