Top 5 Marketing Tools for Unique Content Generation

Any online marketer will consistently bang on about unique content generation. It’s easier said than done, though. Thankfully there are a range of marketing tools designed specifically for unique content generation. They can help you get the topic ideas you need to engage readers.


Let’s first discuss THRED. Designed by Will Wright, this mobile app provides a range of tools to come up with stories consisting of multiple images.

Use this app to grab a web page, photo, or practically anything else you can find online. The best part is it covers absolutely any topic.

On top of this you can make it socially relevant. Hashtags and other social signals can be saved alongside pieces of content you come across on the web.


A white paper from the CEB Leadership Council stated targeting readers on an emotional level is far more effective than picking content for content’s sake. This is what Canva does by simplifying the content creation medium.

It’s a graphic design tool people can use when they have no formal training in graphic design. You can access thousands of templates and manipulate them according to your specifications. The controls are simple, so adding and removing aspects is simple.

You can also use the built-in colour picker tool. This enables you to choose between different colours, and therefore influence the emotional state of the user.


The average employee checks their email 30 times every hour. That means you have to catch their attention span. Storify works like the other options on this list, but it also allows you to bring in sources from all over the web. Storify users can bring in Instagram pictures, Google images, Facebook items, and Tweets from Twitter, to name just a few.

A company like can use a tool like this to compose unique content from little titbits. Another factor you have to take into account is the browser button, so you can save items with a click of a button.


Sometimes simplicity is best. You don’t need fancy graphics design tools. ContentForest creates the Title Tool. It’s like a Google search engine exclusively for ideas.

The way it works is you enter a keyword or a phrase and you’ll always get a minimum of five title ideas to choose from. Some of the things it comes up with can be quite complex, so it’s possible to get some good ideas from this.


Sometimes it’s not about the content you come up with it’s about what’s more likely to engage readers. We know the importance of social media, so it makes sense to find out what people are sharing on social media.

This blog will scan a blog’s entire content portfolio and track how much engagement each blog gets. Use it with more popular websites for a better idea of what’s more likely to create content spikes.

These are just some of the fantastic ways to boost unique content generation. Try them out and see what ideas you can come up with.


Alesia Hsiao is a professional writer who specializes in business topics. She has written for numerous sites on the web and is known for providing her readers with valuable guest posting services  content.

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