Will YOUR New Year Be REALLY New?

"To accomplish means to unfold something into the fullness of its essence... therefore only what already is can be accomplished." ~ Martin Heidegger, Letter on Humanism Will your New Year be REALLY new? Will your DECADE be really new? Or is it going to be just a little bit better or a little bit different than the last few years?

Imagine December 2011 - are you celebrating your business success... or wondering what happened that you did not achieve what you wanted?

What is going to make a difference, so that you are really successful in the coming year and your business produces the results that you are committed to producing? What are you doing to set YOURSELF up to have a brilliantly successful decade?

What does it take to invent a powerful plan for the year 2011 and actually implement it? How do you design a future that is enlivening and inspiring for you, and accomplish it? You design a Future from the Future...

I invite you to start preparing NOW. Use these questions to start inventing the future of YOUR OWN design:

1. What is the default future you are living into? That is the kind of future that is most likely going to happen, if things keep going pretty much the way they are going.

2. Why is it that way? What solutions have you had which have not worked? What are your strongly held views or opinions? Rationalizations? Justifications? Explanations? What is the future that you hoped for or dreamed about? What is the future you are resigned to? Worried about? What is the future you fear? What is your "I will work hard for it" future?

3. What future would enliven and inspire you? What future would be an EXTRAORDINARY success? What is a created future which fulfills matters of fundamental interest to you and everyone around you that it touches? Is an opportunity for self-expression? Gives everyone involved an opportunity for contribution to the realization of the future?

4. What stands in the way of YOU having THAT extraordinarily successful future?

5. What are YOU really COMMITTED to?

We are well aware that planning is essential. However, the model from which most people plan, leads to the past being repeated and the future unfulfilled.

Vast majority of people and organizations do not complete or fulfill that to which they have committed. Completion is often misunderstood as finishing things, being done with things or getting over things. Until true completion is distinguished... accomplishing or fulfilling what is planned will not be possible.

So... how do you complete 2010? By understanding and being accountable for what was fulfilled or unfulfilled, you will be empowered by your results rather than doomed to repeat or merely improve upon them.

All viable businesses operate successfully in the present. Visionary businesses operate inside a future of their own design.

To Your Extraordinary Success,



Alexandra L. Kaplan, MBA, SPHR is business consultant, trainer and coach with Mark Kamin and Associates, a world class, national consulting firm.

Alexandra works with entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, leaders, and organizations in producing extraordinary results in their business performance and results, directly impacting the bottom line and financial success. Her expertise is in the areas of performance, effectiveness, leadership, management, communication, service, sa...

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