Human Resources Outsourcing

As small business owners, we have all come under the dual crunch of time and money pressures. Often times, when we’re trying to run an entire company, we can barely find the time to look after ourselves. How many of us out there have gone to work in the morning with different coloured socks? Or maybe even forgotten to bring our Blackberry? As such, how on earth are we supposed to find the time to manage all of the other people who work for us? Well, that is where human resources outsourcing comes into play.

For those of us who just do not have the resources to do it ourselves, or hire a full-time human resources manager, outsourcing provides a viable means to make sure our company is on track in that department. Whether we need help with benefits administration, recruiting, management, training, regulatory compliance, or payroll, this can sometimes be the answer we need. Sending these responsibilities out of house allows us to better utilize our own internal resources and focus on our core business, and can even benefit the employees by providing better service.

But, before you send these tasks out of house, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. First of all, are you even comfortable with the idea of letting someone else, most probably a complete stranger, handle all of your human resources tasks? Are you sure outsourcing is the most efficient and effective way to manage the department? Do you lack the internal resources that would be required to perform a good job? And can you even afford to hire a reputable firm to help you?

If you’ve decided that you’re quite comfortable with human resources outsourcing and think it will free up more of your own resources, then you should begin your search for a firm cautiously. Look into the range of services different human resources firms provide, and whether or not they have had any previous experience in your industry, or even in general. They may come cheaper, but you don’t want to be stuck with a firm that is going to bring you down. Finally, what type of resources do these firms have available to them, and are they flexible in their contracts? You do not want to be stuck with a company for five years if things are not going smoothly.

You also need to think about what kinds of functions you are going to be outsourcing. Do you want to get rid of all your human resources responsibilities, or just a few? While Professional Employer Organizations will take over the entire department for you, you can also choose to just outsource, for instance, payroll or recruiting. Whether you outsource everything or just a few tasks, you also need to make sure you have a strong relationship with the firm. After all, they will have a large part of your baby in their hands and you want to know you can communicate with and trust them.

If you’re strapped for time and resources, consider human resources outsourcing as a way to get your company back on track.

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