Are You Authentic Enough?

You are NOT alone.


¨ How often do you bite your tongue?

¨ How much does it hurt when you do?

¨ How long does it remain sore?

¨ How do you feel when you don’t speak up?

¨ In the long run, is it worth it?


¨ Mark your territory and then, claim it! (Watch your pets do so!)

¨ Empower yourself by speaking your own truth in an assertive way. You are in control. You OWN your Power, in all its glory.

¨ Boundaries are a key ingredient to your authenticity. Be sure to set them up, and set them up good so that everyone knows where you are coming from. Let them know what is okay with you and what is “not”.

¨ Setting up, understanding, and verbalizing your very delicate, and yet very firm boundaries, becomes a win-win-win for everyone in your life. Trust me; they will love you for it.

¨ By taking a stand towards what you are passionate about, you let the world know the YOU that shows up in total splendor and fully expressed, each and every time. You are also showing leadership!


¨ Assess what you have to lose if you don’t speak up.

¨ Appreciate what you have to gain when you do!

¨ Observe the birds-eye view of what’s going on with your business.

¨ Understand that by taking a stand for your passions and speaking your own truth, you will be criticized, no matter what, and that is a very good thing.

¨ Understand how being your “authentic” self, becomes the lifeline to your personal health, wealth, and all around sense of well-being.


Understand that by being your most Authentic Self you always win and so do the people around you; therefore:

¨ Make a “written” list of what can happen when you speak your own truth, and state the pros and cons just like you would a Profit and Loss statement; as for each action, there is a Balance Sheet showing you the areas of improvements along with the areas of growth.

¨ Analyze the areas that require your immediate attention and act/adjust accordingly.

¨ Know when to bite your tongue or as the Kenny Rogers’ song goes: “Know when to fold them.” - Being your authentic self requires diplomacy at times. And this can be an “art form” that you must learn and conquer. Get resourceful about this.

¨ Strike the right balance by digging deeper into what is okay with you and what is not. This is imperative you put it in writing as it helps you gain clarity into what’s important to you.

¨ Get an accountability coach or mentor to help you stick to your plan, and to further develop the next chapter of this gorgeous process better known as YOU.

In this Social Media environment, where authenticity and transparency are a must in order to do business in integrity, knowing who you are, what you want, who you serve, are extremely important key-ingredients for a successful business and a well balanced, healthy, wealthy life.

Make a commitment to be authentic and consistent. Brilliance and greatness will follow.

Learning is always earning, so never stop the process that brings richness into your life, as after all, life is about you, and also about those that you are here to serve, honor, and help.


Ali R. Rodriguez is an independent, decisive, tenacious, enthusiastic, inspiring, and professional individual, with a great sense of humor and a realistic approach to what's truly important in life. Ali is a motivator, a mentor, a consultant, a coach, and a passionista expert all rolled-up into one.

Her coaching service, VISION FOR SUCCESS, is located in Ormond Beach, Florida and is tailored specifically to meet the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to enhance,...

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