Are you “what” you know?

To answer that question you must first describe yourself as to what you "really" know, in terms of usable information, and will it match the persona behind the scenes as well as the front-runner.

Transparency is a key factor in relationship-building strategies, maintenance and sustainability. Consistently being who you are solidifies relationships in all areas of your personal and professional life, and the opposite is true if you want to scare folks off. They would leave skid marks and run the other way.

Why is this important? Authenticity and transparency, attracts people like bees to honey, and you are then in a position of solving their unique problem. What you know can then be turned into organized information that can be monetized and turned into a business, passive income, and sharing with others to add to an education library just to mention a few examples. In the digital world of on-line business, the more meaningful and concise information you possess the greater your chances of solving unique problems which turn you into an expert in your field. And, this information can be digitized and sold as a product for as long as your audience wants it, needs it, and craves it. By the way, always keep it fresh and relevant.

As much as knowledge is important, compiling and organizing is just as important and then, take action towards your marketing, selling, distributing and fulfilling product's orders. People want what you have (knowledge), it is your turn to make it happen for them, and for yourself.

When you think of legacy, sharing knowledge is a beautiful thing and you will be immortalized in your intellectual property. It is not only part of who you are, but part of how you will be remembered. You get to choose the "what" and the "how", and that in itself, is not only very powerful, but extremely empowering. Living life under your terms and then sealing it with ongoing memories for generations to come it's homage to who you are, what you know, how you live and how you're known and remembered!

So in closing, are you "what" you know? Get inspired to assess your knowledge, compile it, organize it, and make a business out of it. Think of how it can serve you as you serve others in solving their unique problems!


Ali R. Rodriguez is an independent, decisive, tenacious, enthusiastic, inspiring, and professional individual, with a great sense of humor and a realistic approach to what's truly important in life. Ali is a motivator, a mentor, a consultant, a coach, and a passionista expert all rolled-up into one.

Her coaching service, VISION FOR SUCCESS, is located in Ormond Beach, Florida and is tailored specifically to meet the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to enhance,...

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