Cleavage in the Boardroom

Tired of walking into Board meetings, with the long table, and the faces of the members even longer not to mention the never-ending meeting on topics that all of the sudden, you can’t even remember, let alone care anymore? It’s dreadful, isn’t it? ~ They will tell you it’s all about time management, but it isn’t, as if it was, things will permanently change, and they don’t.

Here’s the answer: It’s all a matter of “approach” and here’s your new approach: “Cleavage in the Boardroom”.

Yes, indeed, you will take pride in showing your Intellectual Cleavage to the rest of the board members otherwise, you will continue to be unhappy if not unproductive; and it has to stop. It is also your duty to show others just how to do this.

A little intellectual cleavage is alluring, and people will want to know what you’re up to; once you get their attention, you can present your plan and show them in all your greatness, the brilliance of your brain coupled with a few amazing ideas and results plan.

But wait, there’s more. If you’re wondering what is your own, individual, and totally unique “Cleavage in the Boardroom” Quotient. (CBQ) ~ Wonder no more.

Focus on two or three things that you do better than anyone else, and for which, folks come to you to ask you to solve some of their problems with what you have in that intellectual cleavage of yours. Then use your talents in an alluring way, each time you have an opportunity to speak your mind. Do this not all at once, but just little by little. You already have the talent, all you need is, “practice”, “practice”, “practice”, and soon Boredom in The Boardroom will be transformed to Cleavage in the Boardroom, and you will be The Shining Star”!

NOW is the time to share this information with others and teach them how to find their talents and put them to good use. Can you imagine the tremendous amount of value you will be adding to the group as a whole, not to mention, individual added value? ~ Awesome, isn’t it?

From now on is your turn to practice “Cleavage in the Boardroom” and you will have more productive meetings, more focused groups, and folks will greatly appreciate what you are doing for the Board and you will feel like the star you are. Make as many people happy with your intellectual genius.


Ali R. Rodriguez is an independent, decisive, tenacious, enthusiastic, inspiring, and professional individual, with a great sense of humor and a realistic approach to what's truly important in life. Ali is a motivator, a mentor, a consultant, a coach, and a passionista expert all rolled-up into one.

Her coaching service, VISION FOR SUCCESS, is located in Ormond Beach, Florida and is tailored specifically to meet the needs of small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to enhance,...

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