5 Tips to Strengthen Your Leadership Resilience

We have very open communication in our office. We like to include the team in our discussions, in regards to where we’re going and also, where we’ve been. I like to spend a little time on reflection, how are we doing compared to previous years?

It’s a good exercise to take a little look back. Thankfully, we are doing better than we were both as a business and a team. We have faced a few tough years filled with many challenges, from staffing issues to a major economic downturn in our industry.

Our recent conversation was interesting. We discussed why we are doing so much better when times have been so difficult. A few suggestions were mentioned but by far the most common reason we agreed on was the fact that we are so much more resilient. We are not knocked over by the obstacles we face, or when we are, we bounce back so much quicker.

By definition resilience is; toughness, the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Resilience is a vital component of business survival, and a core skill for leaders to embrace and develop in their team members. As a leader, it is your place to empower your staff members face the challenges they have to deal with.

You must lead by example, how you deal with difficulties will set the tone for how resilient your employees become. Your business depends on it.

Are you building resilience in your team members? Take a look at the following five suggestions that can assist you to lead your team and build their resilience:

1. Adaptability

Expect change, it is inevitable! Learn to be comfortable with it. It isn’t the change that is a problem, it’s how you deal with it. Your reaction as leader can set the tone for how much impact the unexpected change can have. Be mindful of your response. Acknowledge the challenge you are facing then work out how you can move forward towards your goals.

2. Positivity

As leader, your response to a challenge will be contagious, whether it’s positive or negative. If you want to maintain a positive workplace culture and level of staff engagement then you need to be positive in your response. It’s your choice!

3. Vision and Purpose

As a leader it is your role to share the big picture with your team members, all of them. If they share your vision and purpose then the bigger picture will be something they can focus on in challenging times. It will put things into perspective rather than the current crisis becoming the major focus. If they understand that there are bigger goals in mind then today becomes just part of the journey that you all need to overcome to get back on track.

4. Learn from Mistakes

Most situations that ‘appear from nowhere’ to derail your project actually have warning signs. The signs are much easier to see in hindsight. Take the time to brainstorm with your team how you could have avoided the outcome. What mistakes did you make? What would you do differently if you got the opportunity to do it again? Owning your mistakes and learning from them plays a key role in building resilience, you feel empowered and you go into the next situation with a little more wisdom.

5. You Can’t Control Everything

There will be times that you go through tip number 4 only to find that there was nothing you could have done to change the outcome. We don’t have control over many external factors, it’s a simple reality of business (and life). Accept it and move forward.

I would like to give you tip number 6, it is the most powerful tip of all and without this tip none of the others will increase your resilience:


If you don’t take action and actively work to build your own and your teams resilience then this article was nothing more than a quick read.


Alison Vidotto is the award winning author of 22 Leadership Fundamentals; the Door to Success says Push! A leadership keynote speaker and trainer, CEO of Vidotto Group and Founder of the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (www.accv.net.au) Alison has a passion for leadership and development, both within herself and in others. She writes leadership articles for the Australian Business Women's Network (http://www.abn.org.au/blog-list/leadership/) Alison has also been published in the...

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