Do You Have The Courage to Lead?

Most leaders will tell you that managing a business, a company or a team can be stressful, even frightening. There are those times that the challenges seem to happen at such frequency they are almost insurmountable. At those times, they have to be brave enough to face those fears and get on with the job.

Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” George Sheehan

Challenges aren’t all bad news, neither is the fear that they instil in us. Great opportunities are often hidden behind fear and challenges. We have an opportunity for great personal and professional development when we face and overcome the challenges and obstacles we face. If we can move past them, we can discover something that can take us a great step forward in our big picture.
Having the courage to deal with difficult situations is an important ingredient in effective leadership. The size of your business or organisation plays only a small role, you will need to have the courage to lead.

There are people in management positions who don’t have the courage to delegate because they fear that others won’t do it as well, or that they will do it too well.

Many leaders will hold themselves, their team and their company back because of fear. They fear sharing their knowledge so they won’t accept the offer of beneficial strategic alliances. They fear empowering others who may become better than them, so they don’t train their staff. They fear success and all that it brings.

We can rationalise the fears, it’s difficult to take risks when there is so much at stake. You have worked so hard to get to where you are, it’s not easy to let go of control. But the risk is worth it.

When you don’t face your fears, they grow. When you don’t face your fears it’s difficult for your business or career to grow. Real growth takes place outside of the comfort zone. We need to have courage to grow, to take risks, to speak up, to empower ourselves and our team members.

Making courageous decisions and taking action will build inner strength. Our leadership skills will grow.

Remember; leadership begins with the self.

When facing a challenge ask yourself:

  1. What am I scared of? Failure, rejection, making the wrong decision?
  2. What will happen if I do this and it actually does fail?
  3. Will it be catastrophic?
  4. Can I put things in place to reduce the risk of failure?
  5. Will I or my business benefit if I do it and get it right?
  6. How will I feel tomorrow if I don’t do it?
  7. How will I feel if I successfully do it well?
  8. Will I or my business grow if I do it?
  9. Will others benefit and grow if I do it?
  10. Will I be happy that I did it in a years’ time?
Take a good look at your responses to the above questions. Then make the decision to be brave.You will not only be pleased with yourself that you did, you will also contribute to the development of others. Your brave decisions will show them how it is done.

You will be leading by example.

Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.” George Sheehan


Alison Vidotto is the award winning author of 22 Leadership Fundamentals; the Door to Success says Push! A leadership keynote speaker and trainer, CEO of Vidotto Group and Founder of the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam ( Alison has a passion for leadership and development, both within herself and in others. She writes leadership articles for the Australian Business Women's Network ( Alison has also been published in the...

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