Professional Development and Your Leadership Journey

I have long been a student, most of my adult life in fact. In some ways I am a perpetual student. There is so much to learn. As I complete one course of study I am usually aware of another area where I need to improve my skills. That has become even more obvious since running a business and a charity.

When I studied for an MBA, I believed it would give me the necessary knowledge to run my business and improve how well I ran the international charity, ACCV, that I founded in Vietnam. It has most definitely helped, particularly in the strategic management and planning of both organisations. I now have a much clearer awareness of our vision and mission and what I need to implement to take us there. But there is much more to learn.

I realised along the way that leadership is not something we are born with, nor the result of a one off qualification. It is a dynamic process, we are always growing and developing as leaders, no matter where we are placed in an organisation. Leaders don’t always need titles, some of the more successful leaders I know are not positional leaders. They don’t have a title or position, but what they do have is the ability to build trust and share a vision with others, they have the communication skills to engage others and more importantly, they have the self-awareness to continually improve themselves.

Great leaders are always learning and growing, they consider continuous improvement to be a vital ingredient in their role as a leader.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." – J. F.Kennedy

My current studies include marketing and leadership, always leadership! I am currently a student of the Neuroleadership Institute of New York, again I am aware of the vast amount of knowledge I don’t know. I will no doubt continue to study leadership indefinitely, it’s a dynamic process.

In my pursuit of knowledge I have taken many courses both before and after completing my MBA. From short workshops on social media, writing and blogging through to advanced qualifications in leadership. Although many of these courses have made a huge difference to my skill set, some haven’t been so great. Nonetheless, all of them, each and every one, have contributed something to the way I run my business and how I develop the leadership and management skills of my team. I am cognisant of the fact that the success of my business is tied directly to my development and growth as a person, a business owner and a leader.

Education is the Mother of Leadership.” -Wendell Willkie


Alison Vidotto is the award winning author of 22 Leadership Fundamentals; the Door to Success says Push! A leadership keynote speaker and trainer, CEO of Vidotto Group and Founder of the Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam ( Alison has a passion for leadership and development, both within herself and in others. She writes leadership articles for the Australian Business Women's Network ( Alison has also been published in the...

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