Lowering Auto Insurance Premiums for Young Drivers

Your policy's costs will increase when you add a young driver to your car insurance policy, but here are some tips that may reduce that increase in premium.

Lowering Your Costs

Shop Around Early

Explore Every Auto Insurance Discount

Drivers Ed

Good Student

Get The Right Car

Drop Extra Coverage

Price Shop Early

In many cases auto insurance companies won't offer a new policy to a you if you have a teenage driver if they haven't been a customer for a while. You're in a better position to get the best price if you compare policies before your child is old enough to drive. Call and tell your auto broker that you want to see what the price for the policy would be now and what they would be when your son or daughter starts driving. It is important to compare rates and policy provisions based on what the policy will cost when you do have a teenage driver. .

Get All Car Insurance Discount

Discounts can drop your prices substantially. There are two discounts that anyone with a teen driver should investigate. They are the "good student" discount and the driver's ed discount. Qualifying for one or both of these discounts can save you a lot of money.

Your young driver is likely to cost you less if he or she maintains a grade point average above a B. This will qualify him or her for a reduced rate with many companies. If your child's grades are poor, driving privileges may be enough of an incentive to get him or her to work harder in school.

Also, many carriers will give a reduced rate for younger drivers who participated in a recognized driver's ed instruction course. This should be supplemented with supervised driving with a family member, but the drivers education certificate is likely to qualify you for a lower rate. This reduced rate may save you enough money to pay for the driver's education lessons. And although you may be a careful driver, allowing your teenaged driver to practice with a recognized driving school can make your teen driver a safer driver.

Some Automobiles Cost More to Insure

Some vehicles cost less to buy coverage for. Faster automobiles might be more expensive to buy coverage for especially with a teen driver on your family's auto insurance policy. Buying an older, slower automobile for your child has its advantages over faster newer vehicles.

Eliminate Unneeded Coverage

You might be able to drop your car insurance rates by dropping the collision and other than collision coverage on the automobile your teenaged driver will drive. You will take more risk. If your young driver gets into an accident, your insurance company may compensate the other diver, but it won't compensate you for any body work for your car . You must make a decision based on your own personal comfort with that risk, but removing comprehensive and collission coverage will probably shrink your prices.

Lower Insurance costs Go Hand in Hand with Safety

Money isn't the only issue. A drivers ed lessons might make your son or daughter not just a less expensive driver to insure, but also a less dangerous one. This is also true for buying a slower less dangerous auto if you were contemplating buying a fast, costly automobile for your teen driver.

Lower The High Cost of Teenage Automobile Insurance Coverage

By using the help of the ideas in this article, you may save thousands of dollars.


Alston J. Balkcom has been a licensed insurance agent since December of 1985. His health insurance agency services Connecticut residents who do not qualify for health insurance through an employer

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