Make Your Quiz More Engaging with Text-to-Speech Function

We make online quizzes for many different purposes, such as for test, training, or just plain fun. To get better interactivity with quiz takers, we surely want our quizzes to be attractive enough to arouse their interest. So, when choosing quiz making software, except considering the easy to use feature, quiz question types, and publish options, another important thing we focus on is the powerful quiz creation feature which can help us make quizzes of depth.

However, most commonly, a quiz is exhibited with text accompanied by illustrations. Furthermore, sounds and video clips can be added. How about turning all your text into speech in a quiz? Here are some main benefits of the text-to-speech function in quiz creation.

- Text-to-speech allows the characters to "talk" to user which brings multisensory reading experiences

- Text-to-speech works well for informational messages which helps readers get the main idea more quickly

- Text-to-speech function enables us to check if there are any mistakes of the text or numbers in the quiz

Now, we take Wondershare quiz maker - Quiz Creator as an example to see how to realize this. This quiz software owns an easy yet powerful Flash quiz creating capability. It offers us 3 options to turn text to speech in quiz.

Option 1: Only translate the question's text to speech

After you finish creating a new question with this Flash quiz maker, click the Sound icon in the tool bar. Then the sound options appear on the right. Click text-to-speech icon and the question's text will be automatically translated to speech.

Option 2: Translate both the question and answer's text to speech

Also in the Sound options, choose Advanced Settings. And then click Answers to Speech. In this way, text of both the question and answer will be translated to speech.

Option 3: Translate the whole quiz's introduction text to speech

Wondershare Quiz Maker enables us to create an introduction page to the whole quiz. Click Quiz Properties in the tool bar and edit the quiz information according to the quiz content. After that, click the sound icon in the Introduction tab. Finally click the Text-to-Speech icon in the coming dialogue box to turn text to speech.

Quiz making can be an easy job. However, to get better Flash quiz effect, we not only need our imagination but also a proper quiz maker tool. Just do our best to enrich our learning and testing with flash quizzes.


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