Ways to Store and Share PowerPoint Training Files in Company

More and more companies realize the importance of employee training these years. No matter it is for in-house training or offsite training. One question raises up: why training becomes so popular?

1. Training is the key to success for many reasons

This is not about investment in employees, but the investment in the company. Training can be a long term investment, but it creates a significant short-term advantage. If employees can attend some decent training courses, you get an employee that is better qualified for the job. It gives the emloyees confidence to do their jobs, reduces their tension, boosts their job satisfaction, gives them a chance to advance.

2. Training has a positive effect on recruitment

Sending staff to the training courses sends the message that they are valuable and encouraged to do better jobs. Many people want to learn new things, because it keeps the work interesting. The work becomes less frustrating, when in reality they learn more and become skillful on their jobs. An aggressive training program is a strong element to attract new talents.

Regarding the tools for creating the training content, PowerPoint pops up in most people's eyes. As almost every company has MS PowerPoint installed on computers, and it is easy to use with powerful presentation ability. Once PowerPoint training files become huge, most companies face one problem: how to store these training materials or share these files easily with staff, and make the most out of the training materials.

Here are some ideas for solving these problems:

- Set a public share folder in company.Put all the PowerPoint training files in the folder it. But there is one disadvantage: the staff can only view the training files in company with Web access in local area network.

- Burn all the PowerPoint training files onto a DVD with a PowerPoint to DVD converter. Send each staff a copy, and then they can view the training files freely with a computer or DVD player.

- Upload the PowerPoint training files on company's own site or blog. To do this, you can either share the files with a download link or directly display PowerPoint as video or Flash files. (Free tool you can use: Acoolsoft PPT to Video Free)

- If there is a digital signage hanging in the office, you can also make the video you create from PowerPoint training file play continuously on it. It helps employees memorize things better.

Training given to employees not only gives opportunities for them to grow, but also brings lots of benefits to company. Choosing a good way to deliver PowerPoint training files helps enhance the effectiveness of training.


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