Why is Personal Branding Important in Todays Economy

…Primarily because the workplace just isn’t what it used to be.

For those working inside the corporate world, job security is almost non-existent. According to research data from Monster.com, only 26% of employees are confident in their job security, 54% are currently looking for their next job, and 90% of those polled have considered making a career change in the last year. Gone are the days of long-term pension plans and corporate loyalty. Today’s workplace is filled with layoffs and cutbacks.

The net result of this radical shift in corporate culture is a new paradigm toward individualization and self-promotion. Those who wish to stay above the lay-off cuts have to find new ways to differentiate themselves. They have to find creative ways to let their talents shine brightly enough to stand out among their peers. Personal Branding creates a platform from which to communicate your strengths to your team members, your employer, and your clients.

For those who have already been laid off, Personal Branding is the key to landing the next opportunity. In today’s job search, you are competing with thousands of other applicants. Most employment opportunities are found in online searches where the volume of applicants is staggering. Often in these situations, you won’t even have a chance to differentiate yourself in the visual presentation of your résumé. Your entire work history is reduced to plain text statistics in an online form. Personal Branding helps you tie together the links of your professional history and punch up your key assets into concise, clear bullet points.

And finally, for those who have abandoned the corporate lifestyle and have ventured down the entrepreneurial path, Personal Branding is the key to rising above your competition and getting customers. The Internet has paved the way for you to reach across the globe to connect with clients in any location, but it has done the same for your competitors. You no longer compete just with those in your vicinity, but with the worldwide market. To find success as an entrepreneur or independent professional, you must be able to target your audience and communicate a compelling reason why they should do business with you.

Personal Branding is the process of discovering your key personal and professional assets in an objective process and communicating them passionately to the audience that needs what you have. Whether you want to keep your job, rise up in your current environment, find the right fit in a new environment, or get new customers for your business, Personal Branding is the path to success.


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