Can a Positive Self-Image Lead to a Successful Home Business?

We hear a lot about self-image and self-esteem these days. For example, much has been written about improving children's self-image because children with poor self-esteem have more difficulty in school. But did you know that your self-image affects your ability to create a successful home business? "I don't understand. How can my self-esteem affect my business?" you may say. First, let's define our terms. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Self-image is about how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. They are closely related because if a person has a poor self-image, they will have low self-esteem.

Now let's look at a business example. You're a distributor for a network marketing company that markets health care products. You've told your friends about these great products, telling them how the products have affected you. Yet none of your friends will buy products from you or even try your samples.

You will have a different response to this situation depending on your self-image. If you have a poor self image, you may think "I'm a failure. I'll never sell these products. I will never be successful business owner." Or you may tell yourself "My friends are right. It's useless to try and build a business. No one wants to buy these products."

If you have a positive self image, you'll have a different response to this situation. You may still be disappointed initially. You may even get frustrated if it feels like no one is interested in your product. However, since your core belief is different, you'll change your self-talk. You may think "Okay, they're not interested. I'll try someone else." "It's not for them." Or, it may be along the lines of "Some will, some won't, so what, next."

Your self-esteem affects your attitude. People with a poor self-esteem often have a negative attitude which leads to negative thoughts about any challenge. Someone who has a good self-image can have a positive attitude about the same situation. It's not easy. They may be just as frustrated about this situation. But they have the resources to turn their attitude around and see the opportunities in the midst of their challenges.

You may ask, "How can I improve my self-image?" It's an ongoing process that takes commitment. One idea is to make a list of your successes every day. Focus on what you do well. Also, be aware of when you slip into negative thinking. Choose positive thoughts instead.

Acknowledge what activities gives you joy. Do you love to dance or to sing? Do you enjoy walking in the park? Incorporate more of these activities in your life. You may want to work with a counsellor who can assist you in this process of improving your self-image. It may seem intimidating at first, but make the commitment to yourself.

As your self-image improves, your attitude will change. As you have a more positive attitude, you will handle challenges differently. You will attract the people and resources that you need to create a successful online business.


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