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The canvas print is often know as either giclee canvas printing or you can have photos printed on canvas two which tends to be marginally more popular in today wall hanging category. If you were to canvas artwork for instance and have reproduced printing then this is also called giclee canvas printing as well as having any type of image printed to.

Canvas printing has been around for decades but its more around the time of the 1990s which is where canvas printing has been more associated with either dye sublimation or an inkjet printing process.

You can get a large format printer these days that will print on a roll which is 60 inches wide which is very big indeed. This is when you have a canvas roll and feed into your printer to print off the image or artwork that you want framed which then makes your canvas print. A good example would be the Epson Stylus Pro 9880. It one of the top range large format printers and give exceptional printing for canvas material and other printing materials alike. Its printer like these that allow artists and photographers to print their own work to save having to outsource it elsewhere.

Once the canvas photo or artwork is printed it is then taken to a table and is the trimmed down to size ready to be mounted and stapled to a wooden stretcher bars frame, either gallery or standard frame depth.

A good effect for some canvas photo prints would be to have the image wrapped around the frame, this effect is called full bleed or you could have the image mirrored if your not to keen on losing too much of the image around the sides. Another way to have them printed so you don't loose the image would be to have the image printed on the face of the canvas and to have the sides of the frame plain white canvas which is a good look and saves any image being lost to. A similar method is to have the image on the face of the canvas print but to have the sides a different color to match your own home decor and colures, i.e. black and white canvas prints look brilliant with black sides.


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