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This is to help you with hanging your canvas artwork on your wall. There is many way to hang the art that you have just purchased but the best ways of doing it is as follows.

You can either buy a hanging kit from an online store which has all the components in a little bag for you to hang your canvas print or you can hang by the wire method.

This method is the easiest method. First you need to screws and place them in either side of the canvas print. Then you need a hook or even another screw if you don't have a hook and put this in the wall were you want your canvas artwork to hang. Now take your wire or your piece of string and wrap it tight around the screws on the back of you canvas print of canvas prints. After doing so eye up and place level. Maybe a ruler would help then just rest the wire over the middle screw on the wall then there you go, you're first hung canvas print. Another two methods to follow.

Another way to hang your artwork on canvas would be to have mirror plates. They are a bit like the hooks I mentioned in the first method but are easier to fix and fit to the back of the wall art.

Now the last way would be to have bath hooks but the first method would be the better option here, the bath hooks need sticky tape on the back. This would be more of a none messy way of doing it as there is no drilling so it might be the best option for you.

Always remember to take care when hanging up your canvas print or art because they are delicate and can mean allot to everyone and yourself. Remember if you're looking to give your home a little lift in the decor area then instead of paying a lot of money of new future of refurbishment then a canvas print or canvas artwork can make a very big difference to your home at a fraction of the cost.


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