Science of Staffing: LARGE Events (Pt. 1)

Extensive Training Yeah, your event might be a miniscule three hours long, but guess what? You have 200 people working it. That means you have the daunting task of converting a couple hundred contracted Brand Ambassadors into a couple hundred Brand loyalists. Start here. The more your talent connects with the brand they'll be promoting prior to the start of a large program, the more effectively and organically they'll be able to connect with the consumer they're targeting during it. Think of ways to make your pre-event training visual, fun and 100% interactive. Think brand-focused quiz challenges, video snippets, style guides and stories/pleasantries between staff during these sessions. Remember, brand ambassadors, event models and promotional models are still far and large Independent Contractors who work a multitude of events every year. Create a training "experience" that's fun and memorable for your promotional staff and you'll be rewarded with a team that goes the extra mile for you the day of your client's big program.

Assign Teams/Ranks
While an event marketing agency will almost always request a specific number of event marketing staff on a program, they will rarely specify rank, or any type of hierarchy associated with their responsibilities. If this happens to be the case, your promotion agency must make sure that you have your very own internal "eyes and ears" out in the field with, what we call, a ‘Lead.' Your team Lead or manager should be an industry-seasoned rep that is comfortable in this role of added accountability and ready to step up as a leader. Compensate this person an extra $3-5/hr to check in with staff each day, sign people in and out of the event and make sure the entire crew is staying on task. It's not rocket science, but assigning a hierarchy, even if it's in basic form, will greatly increase your event staff's punctuality, professionalism and overall accountability.


Andrew Loos is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Attack! Event Staffing, Field Support & Guerrilla Services. He currently heads up the strategic alliance division within their Los Angeles branch. Andrew's background and inspiration were molded in the emerging guerrilla marketing movement of the late 90's. Since joining Attack! his commitment has been re focused to evolving practices...

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