7 reasons why you can overcome your public speaking fears

Whatever your reasons for wanting to overcome your public speaking fears; shyness, a speech at a wedding or family event, or for business/ career purposes reasons you can do it. Firstly you've committed yourself to learning more, you've stepped past the wishful thinking stage - which is further than the majority of people get.

Congratulations on taking this small, yet very significant, step to learning to speak with confidence.

Secondly, you are sensitive and emotionally aware. You worry about, even fear, what people will think or say when you speak in front of a group. This says far more positive things about your personality than you'd believe. It shows that you care about what others think and feel, and this is an essential quality to speakers in getting a message through to an audience.

This fear is often picked up from seeing others suffer from unfair comments or treatment. Maybe from seeing classmates at junior school berated by an overbearing teacher, who cared more for academic work then the welfare of their pupils.

You'll soon see that what you may regard now as one of your major weaknesses is in fact one of your major strengths in your ambition to be a confident speaker.

Compare this to the loudmouth who wants to be the centre of attention, talks loudly and non-stop, yet doesn't actually give anything of value to anyone who has to listen to him. Some may praise his ‘personality', but how many will willingly listen to somebody who has no respect for his audience?

You are far better equipped to deliver a meaningful speech that will benefit, enlighten, and educate your audience than he will ever be.

Which brings us on to reason 3: You have something of value to communicate to people. It may just be to offer best wishes to newlyweds or a retiree, to give an important presentation, or a ‘pep talk' to a sports team.

Whatever it is you are the best one to deliver the message, and you can learn to do it confidently.

Reason 4. Believe it or not, people actually want to see you succeed. At family and social occasions you are not the centre of attention. People listen to you but want to see and hear about the people you are toasting. The audience want to applaud, to show their love of the guests of honour so they will pick up on your genuine words of praise.

Reason 5: Others are just as scared as you are, often more so. If you don't believe me then quietly ask friends, family, or colleagues if they would kindly take your place. This fear is irrational, but very real.

Once you fully realise that virtually every one of us has felt the same way then this fear will never have the same power over you again. Trust me I've been there.

Speaking of which, here's reason 6: countless people just like you have overcome their fears. Many of them only gave the one talk: maybe to toast the happy couple or give their daughter away.

Some of them went on to make great careers from speaking. All of them found a new inner confidence and calm. Just like you can do.

Finally reason 7: Over the coming issues of this blog you are going to learn some great tips and techniques to achieve your goal of delivering a great, confident speech.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Author:. Andrew Rondeau is the author of the free guide “The Simple Steps To Deliver A Dazzling Presentation”. Grab your complimentary copy at http://www.greatmanagement.org/blog/
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