What Everybody Should Know About Setting Goals

Probably the hardest part of setting goals is the first step of actually deciding to take action! The main hurdle that most people face is the incorrect assumption that goals are only for business or sales-minded people. The reality is everyone subconsciously sets goals throughout their day. There are always occasions where something has to be done at a particular time or place. Simple examples could be getting up at a certain time in order to be at work, or to meet with a friend for a leisure activity.

After years of sales meetings, one small statement made me realise that this process is as natural as breathing. The beauty of having goals is the uniqueness of each one to the person setting the goal. They are very specific to them and their circumstances whether in the area of business, financial, personal or spiritual.

The most important part initially, is to write them down. Having the goals written down gives incredible power and focus to your efforts.

Aim for something that will stretch you whilst remaining achievable. If the goal is achieved too easily it is not high enough to make any significant change in your life and needs to be adjusted. On the other hand, if you consistently miss the goal, re-evaluate and consider setting it a little lower as you will probably get discouraged and give up. The aim is to keep growing, and moving into a more satisfactory position for your circumstances.

The goal should be as specific as possible with a benefit of attaining it. Another good idea is to also have the result of not reaching the goal. This will strengthen your resolve to take the necessary action.

As you obtain the levels that you have set for yourself always include a small reward at each point. This will only need to be a small treat in the beginning, such as a meal out or a weekend vacation.

Remember that these changes will not take place overnight and there will be a period of time when nothing seems to be happening. This is why the goals need to be detailed and as specific as possible with a consequence and a benefit.

Allow some time on a daily basis to educate yourself on how to make the necessary adjustments in your life. This could include listening to a cd or reading a book on motivation etc. There is an enormous amount of resources available to anyone looking for help in this area.

A simple method to start with could be one goal in the main areas of life to be achieved in one month, six months, one year and five years. Break that down further into a daily, weekly and monthly plan.

The main areas could include: Career, Finance, Personal Growth, Health, Family, Relationships, Social Life, Home.

To summarise. Have goals across your main areas of life. Write them down, be specific, allow time. Review and adjust on a regular basis. Stay focussed and disciplined to achieve all you desire.

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