Manage Your Salespeople by Working Smart, More Stack Rankings

Manage Your Salespeople by Working Smart, More Stack Rankings

In addition to tracking with the "behavior board," which gives recognition to those individuals who have performed positive selling behaviors "better" than others on the team, share information on other things too, to help motivate (and not de-motivate) salespeople toward their goals. For example, rank salespeople highest to lowest in gross profit margin, independent of their total sales. Announce or publish a list of reps who have qualified for certain sales incentive awards or who are on their way. The overall theme of these reports is simply to rank each person relative to the others, all the time. Keep the reports in front of the salespeople as often as possible, especially when there are salespeople from different offices involved. Look for more unconventional management tips in a future Today's Sales Meeting Minute.


Andrew Wall is the Owner of Sandler Training in Milton, Ontario. Andrew combines his 22 years of Sales experiences, 9 years of Sales Management experiences and 5 years of Business Ownership experiences with the proprietary Sandler Training knowledge in working with clients.

Andrew has a track record of accomplishing his goals. Whether it was successfully opening up virgin markets from scratch five times or exceeding expectations in creating, marketing and completing new product sales seven...

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