Salesperson Wimp-Out: Cutting the Price

Salesperson Wimp-Out: Cutting the Price

"Boss, if we could just cut our price 15%, we have a chance at the business." Tired of hearing your salespeople say that? The problem isn't your pricing, it's your people. Somewhere they've learned that a good way to compete is to cut the price, and they've gotten away with it. Your job as a professional manager is to train your salespeople to compete, plant their feet, and win the business…on something other than price. Train your salespeople to keep customers loyal to you regardless of price because your company offers something the customer will have to give up if he or she buys on price alone. Sandler Coaching: Learn More to Earn More.


Andrew Wall is the Owner of Sandler Training in Milton, Ontario. Andrew combines his 22 years of Sales experiences, 9 years of Sales Management experiences and 5 years of Business Ownership experiences with the proprietary Sandler Training knowledge in working with clients.

Andrew has a track record of accomplishing his goals. Whether it was successfully opening up virgin markets from scratch five times or exceeding expectations in creating, marketing and completing new product sales seven...

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