10 Network Marketing / MLM Meat-And-Potatoes Questions To Ask Before You Join

Many of us make decisions on an emotional level. This is acceptable over personal decisions but when it comes to business, it could be financially deadly. Unfortunately, most people enter a network marketing business with their emotions in control so it would make sense for their recruiter to appeal to those emotions. We have all heard the lines, we have all used the lines: "If money was not a factor, what kind of house would you be living in right now? What would you be driving? Would every day be like Sunday for you?..."

Whoa. Wait a minute. Remember, there is a business side to all of this. Ask some questions which will assist you in deciding to make a plunge into this particular business or seek out another.

1.)What is the product or service? If information is concealed from you such as pricing this should be a red flag issue.

2.)Can you buy and try the product before you join the company to see if you would feel comfortable promoting it?

3.)What is your relationship with your potential sponsor? Is it someone you know or, in the case of an internet relationship, someone you have come to know?

4.)What techniques/methods were used to recruit you? If you feel as though you received evasive response to your questions this is not a happily ever after situation.

5.)How do they expect you to recruit others? If you are told that they favor such tried and true methods as "make a list and call the list", forget it. We are in the internet age, belly to belly prospecting is out.

6.)What kind of training will be available to you?

7.)Who is your future upline and can you call them to talk with them BEFORE you join? No? Deal breaker.

8.)How do you make money with the compensation plan? If terms are used that you do not understand, ask questions until you understand. Do not accept the response, it will all become clear to you once you work with our system.

9.)How much are you expected to spend on an ongoing basis for (auto ship) orders, marketing tools (books, tapes, other material, etc.) and seminars or events?

10.)How long has the company been around? Any of the original founders still with the company?

Once you have tried the product and have your questions answered to your satisfaction, you can make an intelligent decision. Most legitimate network marketers run their business as a business and it shows in how they recruit you. The ones to be leery of are the ones who try to rush or bully you into making a rash decision to sign-up into their network marketing business.


Andy has been a network marketer for 20 years. Of late, he has focused on training other network marketers over the internet. For more of Andy's network marketing articles and training videos visit: http://www.AndyAcci.com

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