How To Tell An Intriguing Tale About The Network Marketing Recruit…That Got Away.

Have you ever been at a restaurant when suddenly the front door bursts open and a bunch of overly enthused rather boisterous group of people enters? They fill tables and booths all around you. Statements of being fired up and pumped energetically quiet the background music of the restaurant.

Is it some church group? No. Some ambitious parent-teach group? No. Network marketers after a business presentation? got that right.

They call this the meeting AFTER the meeting. Having attended their network marketing business opportunity presentation, their belief system once again recharged, they do not want the euphoria to end and want to let the night linger with their other networkers as they slowly sip their coffee and swap The One That Got Away stories.

This is rather embarrassing to admit but my wife and I were once part of this meeting after the meeting groupie scene. And we did slurp away at our share of coffee. Although in retrospect we were really drinking in the juice of remaining with our home based business in spite of it costing us money as we purchased their over-priced products and bought their strongly recommended books, tapes, seminars and events.

All of a sudden, from across the restaurant, a weak voice spoke these barely audible words: if he had only shown up at tonight's presentation I'm sure he would have been my network marketing superstar. It was like that old EF Hutton commercial. Everyone was silent so we could linger on every one of those words. Then almost simultaneously we all started to cluck about the one recruit we had been courting that got away...he would have climbed to the top in a matter of a few months...she was so personable, everybody loves her, her group would have filled the entire function room at events...I would have made enough residual income from him that I could have easily had a retirement homes in the Bahamas and up north in Vermont maybe one in Europe too..


Not to be outdone, I would add my two cents (not that it was even worth that) about the prospect I was chasing who presided over an insurance dynasty here in New England. He did business with a network of top businesses throughout the region. Of course this would mean he would sponsor literally hundreds of them who would then offer it to the many companies - small and large - that they provided insurance for. And, then those companies would in turn offer it to all of their employees. Whamo. Overnight this would make me Network Marketing Tarzan, King of the Home Based Business World.

Needless to say, my prospect got away and never got in. My networking king coronation never took place. But it did make for an intriguing storytelling moment at our meeting AFTER the meeting.

Now that I am doing online prospecting, what kind of tale am I going to be able to weave? Once upon a time, some visitor clicked on my lead capture page and stayed there for a minute and a half. He (or she) was going to catapult my business into the stratosphere. I mean, staying there a whole minute and a half. Then without even a goodbye, he/she was gone. Forever.


Andy has been a network marketer for 20 years. Of late, he has focused on training other network marketers over the internet. For more of Andy's network marketing articles and training videos visit:

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