Network Marketing Whine Made With 100% Sour Grapes

Do you have a whiner as part of your network marketing team? Does this person complain about everything (and everyone)? Remember this is a business and although you try to work with all members of your group to assist in their success, you do NOT have to work with everyone.

You know a whiner right at the outset: Why is it so much money to get into your network marketing business? Why do I have to pay to work for the company? What happens if I can't get anyone to sign-up? Will I be able to get my money back?

A whiner is usually always a victim of someone else's actions: I'm in the present financial state I'm in not because of me but because of what so-and-so did. It's so unfair, I always do everything for everyone and I'm treated this way. My upline in my other network marketing company wanted me to fail that's why they would never help me.

It will not be long before this person will infect other members of your group. Other members who have the potential for building their business may suddenly quit under the influence of the whiner's negativity.

Your strategy at this point must be one of getting control over this bad influence and either this person must radically transform himself/herself into a team player or he/she must be isolated from the rest of your group. The alternative is his/her whining can spread like cancer as you watch entire legs whiter and die with team members losing interest.

Whenever I have to have a confrontational meeting or phone conversation with a whiner from my group, my end of the conversation usually follows this format:

1. Put yourself in my shoes. Do I work with you and listen to you constantly complaining about everything: our company, the comp plan, our products, etc.? OR do I work with those team members who will listen and are coachable?

2. You can whine or build your business but you can't do both.

3. Have you given it any thought along the lines of maybe this business isn't for you?

4. Based on your behavior you are unwilling to build your business. Therefore I can no longer spend any of my time assisting you. I work with the willing as I can't DRAG anyone over the finish line.

After this uncomfortable conversation it will go in one of these directions:

1. The individual will realize that they want to remain in the business and would not want to lose your assistance so he/she changes for the better.

2. The individual will leave the business and, of course, tell his/her whiner friends all about what YOU did to them to get them out of the business. Boo-hoo.

3. Although unlikely, the individual will contact your upline or go directly to your network marketing company. (Be sure you have written down the various comments this person previously whined about and to whom the comments were made.)

We all like a glass of wine every so often. But a constant stream of whine we can all live without. A netWHINER will drain you of your time and energy which could better be spent with those team members who are serious about building their businesses.


Andy has been a network marketer for 20 years. Of late, he has focused on training other network marketers over the internet. For more of Andy's network marketing articles and training videos visit:

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